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Full Version: hAPpY biRtHdAy to US!! and YOU!! please sign our guest "book!"
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I've been on and off Second Life three times now, the first was early in the beginnings of KittyCats, my mother had alzheimers and the second life community and KittyCats in particular made being a full time caretaker for her much more bearable. It gave a place where my focus was able to shift, it presented a positive challenge. I remember my first bred nongenisis fur was a red tabby and wow I was thrilled to get it. This time back to SL amid the pandemic and darkness in the US, a distraction. a focus on something outside myself and the uncertainties in RL. Again Callie, Foxie and the team have stepped up and created cats that acknowledge our world yet still celebrate the joy of survival. The cats are amazing - a great product, the customer focus and care is not rivaled in SL, the community is warm and welcoming, amd the thing that struck me as I read other peoples' stories is how many of us have found kittycats! when we've needed it most.
Happy Birthday Kittycats, I have been an auctioneer of many different breedables. I Found Kittycats in 2011 when I was doing a mixed breedable auction and i stopped doing all of them, kc really stole my heart they were so cute in their little cans and baskets, i had turned into the crazy cat lady with the help of Revan because he took me to auctions, ohh the fun, bidwars over these beauties lol. They are still my obsessive addiction, after over a year of my new obsession i got a kitty called Linaclaws a Le Tigre Bengal Blanc with my menagerie points after my moms passing, fitting i think. The customer service is like no other breedable or company in SL, impeccable. A few members of the kc community have come into our hearts where we consider them family, they know who they are. If it wasn't for kc we wouldn't have had the pleasure of meeting them and others who are also friends that we care for. Happy Birthday and thank you for touching our lives in so many ways.
Happy Birthday! I'm a pretty casual kitty cat breeder but I LOVE them so much.
Happy 10th Birthday KittyCats!

My journey into the world of KittyCats started in the early hours of 1st January 2019. After a breakup of friendships I found myself alone, wandering SL not knowing what to do or where to go. A message arrived in a group saying, go to this location to claim a free pair of KittyCats. A short time later I was the proud owner of Ewa and Casimiro, I now had a reason to stay in SL. I had so much fun watching the two cute kitties grow and have their own kittens. 2 years later I have a wonderful life and a wonderful partner Don who also keeps and breeds KittyCats, without you KittyCats none of this would of happened
Thank you Callie and KittyCats Team, Having these cats in my sl Life is what I love best. I still have my very first pair of Cats I bred at the time I had no idea about traits or anything else. I loved each box I got from them they were special to me. thanks for making sl special.
Been with Kittycats almost 5 years now and still trying like mad for mega's and jewels , Neither of which seem to like me ,

I love how realistic they are and how every so often they suprise you with what they do
Also fun to watch them at play and how they use the interactive items

Spend some of my sl time breeding a few pairs of Kittycats with my partner Mila who always seems to manage to beat me at our competition to pick a size of kitty and breed one .
Wish you happy beautiful 10th Birthday Kittycats HeartHeartHeart
HaPPy BiRtHdAy KittyCatS!

I think I came upon KittyCatS from a friend and I've always loved them since then.

I love the different starter kitties and the random babies they give
I have had so much fun raising kitties over the years. My oldest kitty is 3366 days old as of 2/11, and I love keeping him around on the couch. I'm the proud discoverer of pewter eyes, rounded fold ears, and the puff tail! Thrilling times. I don't go all out like I used to, but I love to see what y'all come up with next and occasionally jump in to grow a new kitty or two. Happy birthday, KittyCats!! Great community.
I found kittycats, years ago when i got my first firestorm.. kitty. I loved her, and ever since I have been addicted!! Thank You! For all of the Joy, all of you bring to everyone. Happy Birthday!!!
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