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Full Version: hAPpY biRtHdAy to US!! and YOU!! please sign our guest "book!"
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Happy happy birthday KittyCatS! You guys alway know how to put smiles and love in every kitty you make. Thank you for all you do ... you brought me back to SL after being away for awhile. Big hugs and lots of love to you.
Joyeux Anniversaire, je souhaite le meilleur à KittyCats pour les années à venir Heart

Happy 10th bday , Kittycats. I am so proud and happy to have this celebration. The kitties make my SL happier. Actually, they are the main reason why I keep login into the metaverse after 13 years. I found out about Kittycats by searching for a cat pet, and I have great memories since then. I can´t believe that my first cat , PInku, is more than 3,000 days old!. It seems it was yesterday when I fell in love with that unique Chateau Pink & white cat. It rocked my world so I saved linden by linden by working as a hostess and dj and bought it before what I was really looking for (a black cat with yellow eyes). My second one was Sun, a black russian. I treated them like princesses and bought them matching collars. Another of my fav memories was a displays contest event. I didnt win but I had so much fun decorating. I remember the display with some green and a rainbow. And not long ago a group hug at the main store! Awesome- You guys brighten up my days.
Nearly 6 years ago I logged in to SL for the very 1st time and i gotta say it wa such a lonely place a friend had a kitty and gave to me i had no idea about anything in the kitty world all I cared about was that sweet little face was there to welcome me after i got home from work and unlike any other animals on SL i was able to play , hold and cuddle but i had no idea that u needed to feed them I wasnt told anything so sadly my kitty got sick it broke my heart my home felt so empty luckily I had a friend that i knew what to do to help my skylight but that friend fell in love with my kitty so I had to do wat was best for my kitty I litterally cried my eyes out... in 2019 i finally found the LOVE of my life a HUGE kitty breeder and fan of kitty cats I told him and vowed that we would get my kitty back .... he spoke to that person and later that day I came home and there was MY kitty sitting so pretty and cute and BIG in my loves arms if my avi could shake it would have I couldnt believe it the moment I had my pretty kitty back in my arms I cried and slept with my kitty even didnt put her down for a few days she now has a new name Ma ' Lady Grey Thank you ms Cline for a positively purrrrrrfect fur baby
Kittycats are awesome ...thank you!!
I just started this year with kittycats, did not think i would get much into, but when i got my first kitty, friend showed me a megapuss for good price, so i said why not, and started breeding them, when i got the first kitten was same fur as the megapuss, and that was the start of a addiction, love breeding them, and been learning a lot as i go foward.

Will say this the community around kittycats and the group is absolutely great and very healpful

Wish kittycats a happy birthday and hope for more wonderful years to go
Honestly, I just got into KittyCats! last year and I can't imagine not being a part of this crazy family and experience! They are so beautiful and I have fallen in love with every cat I have had! I wish I could perma pet every one I have had because I never want to let them go! Thank you for starting this!
Happy birthday KittyCats i have loved finding out all the different traits in my cats over the years.
I received my first Kitty from Firestorms anniversary, it looks like header of the page but she follows me all over and i was hooked. Bought two more and the rest is history. This past year I got a huge one, and a teeny tiny one. It's been 9 yrs for me on secondlife and I've really enjoyed having my kittens with me along my journey. Thank you KittyCats and Happy Birthday, many many more!!!Heart
Happy birthday to KittyCats!

I first found out about these wonderful little furballs when I was doing a hunt with my significant other! I noticed the cats in a building and led him to them and we both tried to figure out where they came from -- and then the next day, he had our first pairs of kittens up. 8) We're both ridiculously fond of the KittyCats and one of my dreams is to find a green-eyed tuxedo lady baby one day to keep forever and ever as a memento to my oldest cat. She's not gone, but ... I want to have her in SL too.

We've only been collecting these precious purritos for a few months now, but we're absolutely in love with them. We have a megapuss we refer to oh-so-affectionately as our moose and a teeny-tiny teacup baby that's our speck. And a few normal sized babies too! We absolutely adore our cats and I know that we'll be collecting them as time goes by. The hubby and I plan to keep on collecting kitties and one day, perhaps, we'll sell them too! I'm still too attached to all of ours to consider sending kittens to furrever homes, but I'm sure it'll happen down the line!
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