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Full Version: hAPpY biRtHdAy to US!! and YOU!! please sign our guest "book!"
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happy birthday to you all!!

it's been TEN YEARS since we opened up, and WOW... what a journey it has been!!!

i'll just say this... never in my life would i have imagined the RIDE this journey has been!!! from laughter, tears, joy, fear, and every single emotion. you can possibly have, this KittyCatS! journey has had them all!

i have enjoyed most of the ride, and for SURE have learned more than i ever imagined i would. i've learned about art, people, business, cats, cat breeds, cat furs, cat noses and paw skin matching (except when they don't) and SO SO SO much more!

when this idea started, i had a very busy brand (caLLie cLine) that did women's clothing and lifestyle items and a few other businesses (Tomboy, Pampered Pet Shop, and a consulting business) that my time was spent on. i LOVED my "caL gaL" group and my HOPE was that the joy and fun we had together would be able to be replicated in the new KittyCatS community.

since many of those "gals" joined KittyCatS, it seemed possible and WOW, not only has it been similar, it has been its own wonderfully creative and kind community that has surprised me so many times.

i've said it before, but your kindness, creativity, humor, wit, generosity and MORE has been such a fun thing to partake in with you all. i LOVE being part of this community.

happy TEN YEARS to you all who have given, joined, laughed, cried, quarreled (not that so much) and more.

YOU are a BEAUTIFUL and KIND and GENEROUS group of humans who i am so thankful to be on this ride with!!

please sign and share a memory of how you found KittyCatS and let us know a story about an experience you've had with KC that you have enjoyed!!

it would be such a gift for us to READ what your unique experience has been!!!

happy birthday to you!!! ENJOY your twin birthday babies!!

much love to you,

"the princess kitty"
I have been with Kitty cats since about 2013 or so and my most favorite thing about KittyCats is that me and KittyCats have the same Birthday! I look forward to my birthday every year to see what kind of amazing kitty I will be getting as a birthday gift! Thank you Callie and the KittyCats team. You all are absolutely amazing!
Happy Birthday Kitty Cats to my adorable obsessionBig Grin I have had my megapuss bengal la tigrie for very long time and rode that cat all over second life got him a saddle and he think he is a god cat still sits outside my barn guarding incoming cats but i started back in 2012 sometime maybe 11 keep it up kittycats
Well, I have only been on SL a few months...but found KittyCatS thank goodness! You guys rock. Cats are beautiful, staff is informative, group is friendly....I have so much fun...THANK YOU and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! :-)

My first kitty was the advent kitty from 2016, and I have been addicted ever since! One of my favorite memories is the birthday celebration in 2017, I won a gigantic kitty from the trivia game. A huge reason I'm so addicted to these kitties though is absolutely the community and of course the wonderful Callie and the whole KittyCatS staff. Looking forward to celebrating many more birthdays with you all!
i came back to sl after a 3 yr break. and in oct i lost the kitty lvoe of my life. my e.m.a Miss Groucho Anne a jade eyes tortie. she was ym my world. what does my swet wife do? went to kittycats and found me a lil kitty. and that was ou first kittycatz. now we got loads of friends jsut from something that helped me with my grief.
thanks meows!
I found kittycats about 8 years ago come the summer. I was absolutely in love with them! I soon made some friends, astrid solace, melinda jensen, claessilver and the whole gang from Scratch N Post welcomed me, I soon had lots of kittycats and friends. They came into my life when I was having a hard time and I am so glad I found them and this wonderful community. I love you all lots, thank you so much for everything <3
I got my first kitty almost 30 days ago. I'm in love! I can't have cats in reality due to severe allergies. So just being able to spend time with my kitties now is an absolute pleasure.
But my cousin thought it was a riot when I freaked out when her cat talked to me for the first time. .. I didn't exactly know they did that. LOL - So I had to get one.

Happy birthday ♥
I started with kitty cats long time ago, since then i have been addicted to them, I specially love the firestorm kittycat I had it simply awesome. it was always fun and adventure whenever we get a new set and will get a special kitten.

Keep on going! Happy Birthday!!
Kittycats brought me and my SL husband (RL boyfriend) together!
It also gave me the ability to make so many amazing friends, and bring me something fun to do with my cousin ♥

I've been auctioneering for 4 years and have been able to open up a kitty sim and meet so many amazing people!

Happy Birthday KittyCats!!!
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