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Full Version: hAPpY biRtHdAy to US!! and YOU!! please sign our guest "book!"
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I hope that you have more to come happy birthday
I've been with KittyCats just under a year or so, but had family in forever!! Learning fast, expanding my kitties fast and loving it!! TY to everyone for how much you put into this family it just makes it that much more fun and enjoyable!! Here's to another 10 years!

- GracieAngel (resident)
I was given my first kittycat.. a SnowStorm - Blanket by a friend who passed away in Winter 2019. Ive come and gone many times but I keep getting pulled back.

I enjoy naming my cats after songs. It makes it interested to talk to them. "Don't bump around now, Desperado! Be nice, Bye Bye Bye!"

Thanks for giving us adorable creatures to love!

Happy Birthday KittyCats i love cats in RL so to have these lovelies in SL i love it so thanks for all the KittyCats team x
I have been on KittyCats since the very first I was talked into playing on SL lol my Sister SuzyQue1 said how much fun she was having and she loved it. She made close and costumes for holidays etc and that is all she could talk about for a few years. So I told her ok you show me how to sign up for SL but you have to come and play on my game I had been on for 14 years. So she did and she became the best Moderator in my other game. Lol , we had a spat on the game and she muted me every hour for a day lol, she first time in her life she could shut me up. We worked it out and then she taught me some on SL on how to make a few things but when ever I had a problem I could count on her, there was nothing she couldn't build or make. Then I told her I had nothing to do on here and we were sitting and thinking what could I do to make Linden's sooooo she said oh I know we all had to do this, you can make lots and lots of money on a stripper pole, lol so I went where she told me and I was half freaking naked lmao. When I was done for a couple of hours of doing that, she then said oh I meant you could breed kittyCat's not strip lol. So I have been here every since. When she passed away a couple of years ago it was really hard on me, but when Callie fixed a old SL cat or hers for me. So I could cuddle it and love it, it just made feel like she was there, so I changed its name to hers and now the kitty comes to me on the dome and said Reecie I love you. It just makes me remember all the fun we had on KittyCats together. When that kitty comes up to me and says where have you been I just can't help but pick it up every time and think of her and all of my cats. Thank you for giving me something I can remember her with. Her cat Smile
Happy birthday!~ From RinaNightshade Resident
I've been in KC from the first day ♥
Still remember when i landed in KC's sim, there was Callie and for me Callie was the girl that made those amazing Ostrich Feathers Smile
The cats was SO cute and and I could never even remotely imagine how important THAT day would be and how much my second life would change from that moment on.
Still remember my first cat, Prugna, and my first boyfriend's cat, Moon Moon.
And our first newborn.
And and and and...

Basically could say this: i used to be in SL for ALOT of things.
Had an isle Smile full of trees, furniture, shoes, hair, clothes, events..
and one day i woke up and there was platforms Big Grin full of cats, and me almost naked and bald cuddling tons of cats Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin

Sheets all over the real life home FULL of cats, traits, mix, match, i felt like Marie Curie and a little Frankenstein when discover the Mendelian in KC so you can imagine all my tests and my breeds.

I've met a lot of amazing people
I've learned a lot of things

And the first time i've sent a KittyCats in Menagerie, erm, i've cried reading those sweet words.

For me KittyCats was more than just pixel cats. It was the beginning of my third second life. It was the start of something I never want to stop. Thanks for everything, happy birthday with all my love ♥[Image: 09165c52ae5376263518cb6c27c33320.png]
Happy Birthday from Jolita Korobase in love since beginning
Happpy Birthday!!!! What can I say but how much love I have for the Kitties !! I have been in love with them for a long time. They brought much joy and fun to my sl life. Thank you all for the pleasure you have given not only to me but to tons of others.
I found KittyCatS through a friend on sl quite recently and I have been addicted ever since to these adorable cats. Happy Birthday to you Smile
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