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Full Version: hAPpY biRtHdAy to US!! and YOU!! please sign our guest "book!"
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I remember the first time i went to kittycats i had no idea what to get i just knew i wanted a pair of kitties one of the workers helped me find everything i needed i enjoy this place and always will HAPPY BIRTHDAY
While at a low point in RL and in the midst of wallowing/escaping in SL, I discovered KittyCats. I tear up when I think back to my very first little B&W yin-yan Kendryk with the big blue eyes, who did more to lift me out of my despair than words can express. May seem like a small matter, but given the responsibility of caring for another creature is therapeutic, even if it's a pixel kitty.

Needless to say, my heart's full of rubberbands for KittyCats to this day. There just isn't a kitty I can't love. But more than that, I'm so grateful you brought these cats to SL, Callie. I can log in and spend five minutes with any one of my kitties and find a smile on my face. Can only conclude that anything brought to life by loving people ripples outward in an endless chain of what makes life worth living.

Much love to you and your whole team, always. Heart

I think that my favorite memory so far has been birthing my first kitten from the Gingerbread couple. She was my first perfect angel!
kittycats has brought great joy in my sl life. i had been on sl a month when the cheetahcats came out. i went looking for them and went into chat and ask for a landmark to them. someone gave me a landmark but it took me somewhere else. and young man said he would tp me there. once i rezzed in i looked up into the bluest eyes. it was the young man who would be my future husband on sl. He was the one who tp'd me to the right spot for my cheetah kitties. Happy
Birthday, KIttyCats and to many more. I love everything about KittyCats!!! and thank you for bringing not only the kittys in my life but the love of my sl life.
Happy Birthday KittyCats!

I happened upon KittyCats just in time for the Christmas holiday and the very first advent calendar. I had no plans to breed at first but thought I'd give it a go. My very first box was a teacup with Ody BooBoo ears and I gave it to my SL sister. Little did I know that those were the most recessive ears and that sized kitties were rare! (Although, I would've still given him to her, even if I'd known. She's that awesome.) It wasn't long before I was breeding like mad and amassed quite the collection of kitties.

Out of all the breedables and kitties in SL, KittyCats are still the best ones.

I started KittyCatS almost a 9 years ago. I was drawn to the life-like cats in SL and I thought, it'll be fun to have a pet in SL too! KittyCatS has helped me make a lot of friends. It is a very warm community and I really enjoy my time.

Cheers to more KittyCatS years to come!
I've always enjoyed projects in Second Life that used the application of genetics and that is how I initially stumbled across KittyCatS: I had simply progressed from one genetic 'game' to another. Many of these other Second Life genetics projects have now disappeared or faded away but KittyCatS remains strong and vibrant. Additionally, after realising how photogenic the kittens can be, many of these cats have subsequently featured in my illustrated children's stories. More recently (because I am providing school children with additional tuition) I have found a new use for my kitty inventory: the teaching of inheritance and the use of Punnett squares in selective breeding.
Happy Birthday Kittycats!
Thank you for all the great fun over the years. I have so many fun memories of kittycats, it is hard to mention just one. From the days of searching high and low to find a kitty for my collection. Or the fun in breeding that special kitty and sharing them with friends. It is hard not to smile when you look at a kittycat Smile
Thank you,
I wish the best for you,
Shayla Juran
One day back in February 2011, I was shopping and spotted a little brown box which said "Kitten Inside" "Handle With Care". No matter how I examined that box, I saw no kitten but I was curious, so I started looking. Somehow, someone sent me to a lady with a most adorable little blue kitten, the original Sweet Cats 2011 Valentines collectible "My Baby'. He and I have been inseparable ever since. He lies on a rug cozily close to a fireplace every chance he gets. I've been collecting ever since. I think I have over 200 live kitties in inventory waiting on Perma Pet.
I've been breeding KittyCats on and off for years then I found Sanuora's auctions. They were always fun but most of all they introduced me to people that I cherish. These auctions brought Melinda, Nika, Revan, Aubrey, Tess, Theo, Draco, LickN, and all my friends together, friends that are now family to me. Without KC I never would have met the people I cherish the most. Breeding and going to auctions brings me a lot of joy! Happy Birthday, KittyCats.
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