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Full Version: hAPpY biRtHdAy to US!! and YOU!! please sign our guest "book!"
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Which cat do I love the most?
It's so hard to say.
I think I love my bat-winged Halloween cat most of all.
Thanks, kittycatS!
By far the cutest, most addictive thing in SL for me. I'm grateful for the other crazy cat people I've come to know too. Thank you for creating these wonderful little pieces of art packaged on the most adorably designed cats. Happy Birthday!Heart
I've been with KittyCats since beta testing. Love my kitties and they keep me sane in SL and RL. I've given up on my other breedables, but never my KittyCats. Love them and the whole community.
Happy Birthday KittyCats Smile I cannot believe that it has been 10 years! I have been with you since the start. I love cats and when I heard that I was going to be able to breed cats in sl I couldn't wait for them to come out.

One of my oldest memories is when the Leprecats came out. I absolutely loved them and still do. I like all the cats that KittyCats have done but the Leprecats have a special place in my heart.
Heart:heart:Happy bday Kittycats! Thank you! <3Heart
I been playing with the Kittycats on and off since the start. Seem to always have a few rezzed out and about, have way too many to remember them all but some of the funner ones stay out year round Smile
Thank you so much for the birthday kitties , which are even more beautiful than usual , I have always been more of a loner and when I found sl I spent alot of time exploring peoples creations , which truelly kept me very entertained . That was until one day I got a free birthday kitty a few years ago , and once it was birthed I was truelly amazed at the sheer perfection of it , I was hooked and got completely addicted to them , I joined the community and was overwhelmed by how truelly lovely and helpfull everybody was in it , I made amazing friends , we shared our kitty stories and our life ones , and I was not alone anymore and I still spend most of my time just sitting and watching my amazing kitties play and always see something new . Thank you so much Callie for your wonderful creations , thank you all the kittycats addicts team for always being kind and helpfull , and thank you Kittycats community for making me feel at home , A very Happy Birthday wish and a lovely year further is what I wish for you and us all , Much Love xHeart
Happy birthday!! , i just wanted a pet cat for my the cats own the land!
Happy Birthday!!
You dont know how much it means to me when i left SL a few years back and returned after about 5 years to see KittyCats still very active made my little piece of SL very entertaining to say the least. I love every single one of my furry babies. Here's to many many more !!!
Happy Birthday! And so many more! I cannot wait to see what comes each year it has been an incredible journey thanks for allowing us to come along :-) Happy Birthday KittyCats!!!
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