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Full Version: hAPpY biRtHdAy to US!! and YOU!! please sign our guest "book!"
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I've been in Kittycats, on one account or another, since very near the start. I think some of my favorite memories were of the friendships and fun shared when working on the old 'Saga Charts' with all the people who were doing test breedings to figure out how the traits fell in terms of dominance. Everyone there helped each other out, would pass cats back and forth or share cats with new traits freely, and then we all shared the proofs of trait placement with the entire Kittycat community for everyone's benefit in being able to make selective, informed cat breeding choices. It was a wonderful time, and a lot of fun was had sharing cats and traits just for the enjoyment of it.
Hi! I found KittyCats with the Advent Calendar sooo many years ago. Getting the chance to work with Callie, Foxie and the KittyCats team has been one of the best experiences of my SL!! Thanks to all of you for allowing me into your SL to help with your kitty stuffs, I enjoy each and every one of you!! I have so much fun seeing you all with your kittys in the store, and hearing your adventures in chat! Here is to the next ten years!!HeartSmile

I have been a huge fan since I started my second life in 2013!! I did take a brief break when I was on hiatus for a few years. I am glad to be back in the community with these wonderful little kitties! I was always excited to get a special kitty.

Lots of love,
Happy Birthday to you and yours, can't believe these little furry delights have been in our lives for so long!! Just like RL I don't feel like anyplace I have felt like home until I have a couple of KittyCats running around and playing!

Thank you so much for the joy you have brought to me and so many others in Second Life!
When I met Cherise, I did not believe anything could make me feel closer to her. My heart was already so full as to bursting with love for her. She was already an avid Kittycats lover and convinced me to get one. I found the kitten delightful and then we chose a few together. Birthing, raising, and breeding them together. I was proven so wrong. There was something else that COULD make me feel closer to her. And my heart fill overflowing to capacity with affection ... for these shared pets AND yes, for this woman i was already madly devoted to. Thank you to the love of my life for urging me to Kittycats and thank you
Kittyscats for adding an extra sweetness to it all.
I've been breeding KittyCatS since about 2012 and I still have my first megas out as pets, as well as my other favs, like the rare Day of the Dead pair a dear friend bought me a couple years after the fact. She knew I loved the design and she paid a ton of Ls plus had to trade some boxes. That was a best ever gift and I think of her every time I see them running around. I've had a few shops with friends and even won a decorating contest once. My virtual cats have comforted me when I've lost RL cats. So many great memories in 9yrs and they keep giving to me every day. I've done tons of SL breedables (Sion Chickens lol and previous cats, horses, crystals, bunnies, fish, flowers, ad nauseum that we won't mention), but KC by far the longest. Callie always did stuff right; I was a devoted customer of her great shop (dating myself!) with the clothes, furniture, jewelry, cars, and stuff, and she hasn't let us down yet!
wow everyone!! these stories and memories are GREAT. our entire team is enjoying reading them!!

thank you for sharing your memories!
I found KittyCatS because of the advent calendar. That year there were mostly pet items in it, and I didn't dare hope there would be a cat too. There was! I learned so much about using Second Life in my quest for a place to raise a few cats.

One time one of my cats told me he loved me then said he wanted to play ball. Okay sure. The first time I threw it he picked it up and ran around and around the room until it disappeared. Well, he did say he wanted the *ball*! Heart Heart
I just wanted to post a message to say that I have had many many wonderful memories of KittyCats since I started breeding them a long time ago (around 2012ish) but the most enjoyable thing about the KittyCats has been getting to know you all better. I am pretty introverted by nature but doing this support job has forced me out of my shell a bit and it's been funny, touching, rewarding, and ever-changing to see all the things you guys are doing, the cats you guys are breeding, and to help you with the craziest problems you guys can find. I love you all.

I think it was very fitting that when I started, the first thing I did was get my CareKitty. Since then, "Dr Dreamy" has been a bit of a symbol for me - her age coincides with the number of days I've been officially working for KittyCats. "Dr Dreamy" reminds me that we can overcome anything and KittyCats is not just breedable prims - it's a community and it's lots of fun.

Stay safe and be good to each other!
Happy Birthday KittyCats Heart
I am a collector of your Cats since ...... uuuuh ..... after a look into my Cattery ..... 10.04.2011. Apparently since you began Rolleyes
And if you ask me about my favorites I have no answer .... I love them all Heart
Keep up the good work and surprise us many more years with new KittyCats Wink
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