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Full Version: hAPpY biRtHdAy to US!! and YOU!! please sign our guest "book!"
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Happy birthday, KittyCatS! I discovered you during a winter Relay for Life event in 2011. When my RL cat Dominic (aka Domi, aka The Domster) died, your tuxedo kitties brought me great comfort. I was able to recreate him in SL. Thank you for the fun, laughter, sled rides, and joy you've brought to Second Life!
Domi in Second Life
Happy Birthday KittyCats!

What a happy thing to have a reason to celebrate together when the past year or so has been so odd.

KittyCats brings so much joy and really is so low-drama cuteness. I have loved many of the people I have met who are either at auctions, private sales, or in the group chat when I (rarely) chat.

One thing that brought me to KittyCats many years ago was that I saw you guys everywhere - at SLBirthdays, at Firestorm celebrations, at breedable events. But the biggest thing that made me see the heart behind this team was when I saw how much care Callie, Foxie, and all of the CSRs had for me and for things happening in the world.

Love is something this world needs more of and I'm going to enjoy my SL love, one KittyCat at a time!

Hugs to all - and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
[Image: 0313f06374fcded093e973a86e22e624.png]

A friend introduced me to a breeder and I fell in love with kitties the first time I saw them like 10 or 11 years ago. Been hooked on them since.

KC people and staff are always so sweet and helpful, it's a wonderful community to belong to.

Happy Birthday KC!
Wow It's been 10 years with KittyCatS! Where did the time go ? I remember my 1st kitty & fell in love Heart I could cuddle and not sneeze my head off (RL allergies )

One day in 2013 My (RL & SL) sister and I decided to start collecting sets of kitties ( M & F )
We thought.. How cool would it be to save & display them for future kitty lovers to see what collection cats were from the past years and preserve them unopened . That was the start of our 10 year adventure of KittycatS! Collection Museum.
I never dreamed how big the collections would grow over the years,
I've meet so many loving friends with kittycats. Hugs
Thank you for 10 happy years in KittyCatS!

Good to see you're still around Dev, i was wondering about you. Sent you an Xmas time message in SL but i doubt you got it : i very rarely go inworld myself now. Hugs Smile

P.S. Happy Birthday KittyCats !
(02-14-2021 06:58 AM)anna acanthus Wrote: [ -> ]Good to see you're still around Dev, i was wondering about you. Sent you an Xmas time message in SL but i doubt you got it : i very rarely go inworld myself now. Hugs Smile

Hi Anna! Never got your message. I have been checking forums everyday if you want to leave me a message here. I'm not around much since I work all the time.

So glad to hear from you I hope you are well. Hugzzzzz
Happy Birthday KittyCats

Mikael Foxtrot
Happy Birthday KittyCats! OMG 10 YEARS already?!
I was super heavy into them for a little while when you first came out! now I just do it for fun! I love seeing everyone's new discovery's when I am online! I love the new, traits and head! The staff is amazing and seriously I haven't been this devoted to a breedable in SL Smile I always have Kittycats out when I am able to. I don't bother with the other ones at all! <3 Keep going! I'm looking forward to new discoveries and new adventures!!
I've been with KittyCats! since March 2011 (I missed beta and the first collection - how, I'll never know!) I was doing that "other breedable cat", when my friend said, "hey, there's a new cat... come see!" The rest is history. I have a lot of cats that are special to me, but these 2 are probably the most special - Henri is one of my first starters (I had 4, 3 sadly went to menagerie before we knew better!) and Kiahna is my LepreKitty (she was #38 born of 100 on the grid). Both of them hang out at my shack at The Kat Shack, so you're welcome to visit them!
[Image: 0631b78388e3a44fe286b19e49f34289.png]

A lot has changed in KittyCats! through the years, people have come and gone, but a couple of things have remained the same - the incredible talents of the team and the incredible group of people who chat and share our love of the cats in Kittycats Addicts. Here's to another 10 years!
Wow 10 years already Big Grin
I got introduced to KC but one of my SL friends and I found them adoring. And still do Wink
Christel Beresford
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