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Full Version: hAPpY biRtHdAy to US!! and YOU!! please sign our guest "book!"
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MY first KittyCatS was given to me by a friend about 5 Years ago and ever since I have been collecting them. All my friends and family call me a crazy cat lady cause i tend to have several of them out at a time just hanging out with them and playing with them. The Staff is very helpful and very informative. There was one time I lost a kitty and thought i was never going to see it or find it again, I reached out to the support team and they were quick to help resolve the issue and got my kitty back to me. This year I got my first mega Kitty so i am excited to see how big she gets and to have fun with her!
Happy Birthday KittyCatS!!!! Can't wait to see what new Kitties come out this year and years to come.
happy birthday to you all!!

Callie, I love these Pusses and Kittens. They are all I have to cuddle. I tried rescue cats for two years and I cant care for real ones so these amazing creatures are my fantasy and reality for cuddles. I love them and you for helping all of us enjoy what we may not have in RL... Amazing cats ... normal real looking ones and even pink spotted ones ... I love them all.

Best wishes to continue the joy ride and congrats on a fabulous 10 years!
Luckylady Llewellyn XXX
I remember years ago I bought a kittycat and matched it with my clothing and took a picture... I love kittycats in SL and kittycats helped me through difficult times..

Happy Birthday kittycats Smile
HAPPY BIRTHDAY KITTYCATS & to All kittycat friends.

I got into kittycats thanks to my girl Dream. Was about 2.5 years ago. We had just missed the 8th bday kitty and events.
I was just going to get a couple kitties mainly because we can't have rl kitties due to Dream's allergies and I am a avid kitty lover.
Well that couple soon blew up to 650 kitties making more kitties 0-0
I'd say I caught the Catdiction in a huge way. LOL!
Next thing I know our sim was totally converted to feature our kittycats and shops for breeders grid wide.
We've met some really awesome and kind people thru the kittycat network. So many people eager to help. Not only with advice but giving us kitties to breed better traits in the kitties we love.
It has taken us by the heart and even though "Kitty Chaos" might hand us the unexpected from time to time, we love them. They make us smile, help us relax and laugh despite what rl might be throwing at us.
We have come as far as now we host kittycat auctions and I've taken on a purrsonal project of building a Kitty Park & Zoo to display many of the special kitties we have and friends have donated. It's also a place kitty lovers can hang out with kitties, ride their mega and just enjoy the sweet purrfection and joy of kittycats.

And we owe it all to you Callie and the Kittycat staff.

Thank you, John0than (resident) Masters
Hello all,

I am actually super new to kitties, i found them only a few months back after havinf been given one.
Now I have fallen in love, and I adore my kitties so much!
Its a bit daunting to start of breeding and having fun, but both the kitties and the community have been great!!

My current fave Kitty for sure is my Fright Night Voodoo girl Smile

Congrats on the 10 years!!!
been collecting kittycats now for many years each one has their own way of doing things just like the real life ones some amazingly beautiful combinations too current count is around 25 ish and will be adding more as they become available a very very happy birthday to all at kittycats and heres to the next 10 years
Happy Birthday Kittycats.

Thank you Callie for bringing such wonderful creatures to our lives. It always makes me smile to see my little gang of kitties when I log into SL.

Happy Birthday Kittycats.

Thank you for bringing such cuteness to our pixel lives.


I found Kittycats in December 2014 when I was doing an Advent run and one of those was the Kittycats Advent Calendar.
My family have cats in RL and finding breedable ones in SL was amazing to me! I was intrigued and soon the one pair pack became 50!
And once you've started you just can't stop. The cats are adorable and getting new limited editions and special babies throughout the year has kept my interest and passion for it!

Happy Birthday Kittycats! Cheers to more years to come!
My shop & auction are based on castle theme and my first mega took that to heart I think... too much sometimes *grins* That one believed she was some sort princess. She liked to climb my big fancy double staircase and sit in the balcony like she was watching over her kingdom. She had the attitude down. What a furniture hog! At home she was just as bad and she loved to sprawl across the sofa when you got home and just try keep her off the old four poster bed I used to have. That kitty was a keeper and will be back to watch over her kingdom again one day.

Happy 10th KittyCatS! Long may you reign *wink*
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