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Full Version: hAPpY biRtHdAy to US!! and YOU!! please sign our guest "book!"
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I been doing Kittycats off and on since the start. Love them

Sher Silvercloud
Iam very happy with KittyCats and how everybody is nice to each.Since I have been with KittyCats I have gotten alot of the special kittens from the collection kittens.
Happy Birthday and thank you for all of the joy you have brought to us allSmile
For years I have kept one pair of KittyCats after another in my home. They are such good company and gift me with kitty surprises and good wishes. Happy birthday, KittyCats!
Dusty Karsin
Happy Birthday Kittycats!

I first found Kittycats back in 2014. My first breedable Kittycat was the bright pink 3rd Birthday girl. (I have no idea how or why I managed to miss that there was a boy to collect too).

[Image: a3fdb0421d62d1fed033e943ceb45162.png]
That's her on the left.

She was the first of thousands and thousands of cats I’ve bred over the years since. And it wasn’t just breeding the cats, it was collecting them too. And of course I had to have all of them. Collective noun – an insanity of cats :-) Final two to complete my collection of ALL the collectable cats on general release (well, until Callie made some more) were XOXO and My Baby. How I wished I’d found Kittycats earlier.

I love the detective work of digging out new traits and challenges of traiting up the cats.

And building a seasonal set for my Kittycats at Nuggy - I love to see them run around.
Feel free to visit - they like company.

And the friends I’ve made through Kittycats over the years. And the friends I’ve introduced to Kittycats to. Some wonderful people here.

Thank you Callie for bringing this community together and for all the wonderful kitties.
I have been with Kittycats for years - even been an auctioneer .... then i took a few years of SL break ... December 2020 i logged back in ... and bam i was like back inworld for 30 mins and had purchased my first kitty :-)

I must admit ... during my absence I missed the little furballs ...

I honestly don't remember how I found Kittycats.....probably saw one with a friend and asked about it.

Anyway, I was totally amazed at how supportive this community was when MsMagick unexpectedly passed away and my partner and I were asked by her niece to help her wrap up Magick's SL account. We held an auction to sell Magick's Kittycat inventory, You were all so generous and we were able to give her niece a tidy sum to help with funeral costs. Many of you bought multiple cats and often came back for more. It helped make a sad task much more enjoyable. Thank you all!

Mistie Frostwych
Happy Birthday KittyCatS! I have always kind of known about kittycats from the conversations and such like with some of the same cool friends that I and Callie have worked alongside back in the good old days of second life fashion runway/editorial modelling. Callie has always been an icon to me and somebody I and a lot of other people aspire too. Her aura and creativity as shone right through my second life journey, very often she graced the front cover of many top SL magazines. From her fashion days to now into her 10th birthday of KittyCatS!!

So I took the plunge into collecting the costume kittycats in late March/April 2020 during the first lockdown in the UK, having coming back to Second Life again since my departure in 2016, and not knowing what to do with myself I was somewhat drawn into kittycats. This obsession or addiction lol grew and developed after a visit to an auction at CatTails aftermarket sim. Since then I love my second life all over again with an all new direction into the world of kittycats/breeding which as given me some cool new friends along the way. HaPpY bIRthDaY!!!! <3 <3 <3
I've been with KittyCats since 2016-2017 took a break then came back and still playing with KittyCats. Enjoyed KittyCats so much and became an auctioneer. So many creations, so many ideas, and so many projects that the possibilities are endless. I've created many wonderful cats. Happy Birthday KittyCats!

[Image: fd0b03cc8fb7a95d4d32f2663e43d479.png]

my sl sister's favortie birthday prezzie was the giant rainbow tiger i gave her years ago... i had to sacrifice so many kitties to get her it. but when she saw it she fell in love with it so i knew she had to have it no matter what it took.... years later and she still brags about that cat!
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