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Full Version: hAPpY biRtHdAy to US!! and YOU!! please sign our guest "book!"
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While I am by no means an owner of many, many kitties, people who know me or meet me in any way know how absolutely wonderful I find my ol' Fuzzbutt to be... to the point of Fuzz becoming quite a celebrity in his own right.

Folks ask me, "Why don't you permapet him?" (or the few others I have between Arik and Cosmo avis)

Well, it's because my buying kibble for all these years is my small way of supporting KittyCatS, because of how I find KittyCatS to be such a great business on so many levels, and because I really am appreciative of Fuzzbutt, and my other kitties.

I'm honored that ol' Fuzzbutt is able to bring new kitty owners into SL as they meet him in the various endeavors I involve him in.

Thank you, Callie, and thank you to all of you - CSRs, breeders, and other KittyCatS fans - for all you do and how much you put into your love of your kitties.

[Image: 50852029126_7bd83fcafd_b.jpg]
I remember caLLie cLine! Some of the signature colors still show up in the "special kitties." Happy days!
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