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Full Version: hAPpY biRtHdAy to US!! and YOU!! please sign our guest "book!"
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I have bred KittyCatS since 2011... not quite the very beginning but not too long after. We (meaning nika and me, began auctioning at the end of 2011, albeit I was a behind the scenes auctioneer assistant at first) KittyCatS has blessed me and her with many wonderful people who have come into our life and not just SL but RL also, and also so much enjoyment over the years. The one thing that has always left me speechless is the amount of giving within this community, not only has there been many Kitties and Auctions that have given to Charity over the years, of which we organized a couple ourselves, but for things like this the whole community pulls together regardless of individual grievances with others. Back in 2014 I was sick, really sick, hospital sick at where they at one point informed nika to prepare for the worse as I was not clinically getting better. During that time nika was with me constantly and she could not work. While we were absent a number of people got together and organized an auction for us, we were touched beyond belief at the amount of kittycats donated, money raised and above all else the time and love that was given and shown towards us. Even typing this now brings me to tears. You are all awesome, we love you all and this is what makes KittyCatS so amazing.
KittyCatS! and more and more I was given my first Kitty and its grown from there and keeps growing I love all the different ones everyone posts in chat Pics are great but just to read the information facts is too. Bless everyone of those lovely kittys and all those fantastic owners Way to go KittyCatS! Hope this relationship just keeps growing for a very long time. Thank you to everyone who pitches in when the csr's aren't available too. Such a wonderful friendly Group of People!!! What a great way to make NEW friends!! ~ catricemarie
Happy Birthday KittyCats!! I started with my baby Chocolate in 2015 and haven't looked back. Still have her and she's spoiled as ever. I've enjoyed the many people I've met through the group and the excitement of waiting on the next kitten to be born. My husband also loves the cats...always asking if a new kitten has been born lol. Thank you KittyCats for all the memories Smile
Been on SL for 5 years and been breeding kittycats on and off. The first breedable I was gifted and still love them.Happy Birthday !
I recently came back to Second Life and on my previous avi that was purged, I had just started the KittyCats when you first came out with them and sadly lost all my kitties, but I recently found them again and am so addicted and in love with them. I love seeing the linage and creativity that is put into KittyCats. Thank you once again for what you do and the work that you and your team put into these little beautiful little angels.
Hello and Happy Birthdayyy!
The pic show me and my first Kitten 2017(?). His name was Mopsi because he was looking a like a fat cat from TV *laughing
I will never forget him Big Grin
Thank you Callie and All the KittyCat Crew and All the kitty enthusiasts! I'm not a breeder, but am crazy about my adorable, silly, sweet Stay At Home KittyCat and carry her around every day. She has been an amazing emotional support kitty when things got rough. And thank you for so patiently making her whole again every time SL teleports break her (by mistake, of course). Best wishes for another ten years filling the world with tons of wonderful KittyCats!
i have done the kittycats on and off... but i can say they are my favorite breedable by far.... i get so excited when a new kitty cat comes out... its something my kids my gf and i enjoy doing as a family....
HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY KittyCatS!!!!!!! I love all the kitties and went through the phase of one of everything...but...i haven't grown out of that phase ever! LOL...The best thing about KittyCats is a) the cool kitties and new collections, b) ALL the friends i have met who are now like familty...heck they are family to me! and C) all the kitties!!!!! Love you guys and keep up the great work!, lala
Happy Birthday Kittycats , Ive been breeding since 2011 ( not always on this avatar) A SL friend got me hooked and we did have so much fun together, breeding , selling etc , I also met many other friends and even into RL to where I was witness at the wedding of the friend I met via kittycats , how cool is that ! . My original friend passed away and I changed AV to be quieter Smile
I dont do as much now but the addiction is still there so a small breeder who has a huge collection of kittycats from the start hoarded away Smile Love the group and the family it creates <3
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