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Full Version: hAPpY biRtHdAy to US!! and YOU!! please sign our guest "book!"
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I joined Kittycats in September 2013 when I picked up the first Firestorm cat and redeemed my coupon for a free cat, he needed a mate so my alt got one and I got a girl for him and the first baby was a cute teacup Smokey III that I still have today as a permapet.
Getting a mega for the first time was awesome but one of my best memories was getting a Mega Special baby from the Hard Boiled Bunnies Spring 2015 collection. My RL partner begged me to give it to him, used to say he was going to log me in and pass the cat to his avi. It sat unopened on the wall of my cattery for 2 years until he passed in 2017 and I opened it and named it sparky after his avi. So now I have a Mega running around my cattery in memory of my RL partner.

I have loved being a part of this community for 7 and half of the 10 years its been around. Long may it continue.

[Image: 183e4fa9407c06815ea284cf274e1765.png]
Heart I been doing Kittycat for almost 9 years they brought joy comfort I still have my first one i ever bought mega kitty call Zeus and Athena how wonderful time flys never get tired maybe one day i learn how to make megas instead buying lol smiles Got to love customer service always there to help us So Happy Birthday KITTYCATS you deserver a da to your self for making us all smile every day huge hugs
My first Kittycat is now 3088 days old and still running around my home. I had a store for a long time and was manager of a rental sim. Kittycats have been a huge part of my secondlife.

My favourite memory has got to be discovering Grotto eyes back in 2013 Big Grin
One of the first times I saw KittyCatS was in a post on a blog called It's Only Fashion. This was back in April 2011. I instantly knew I had to find out about them. I bought a pair of starter kitties and found the KittyCatS community and have been hooked ever since. I remember telling my husband about them who said, "Huh. My wife is going to become a crazy cat lady." But then I gave him a kitty - a cute little Siamese Seal, and suddenly, we had hundreds. Soon after, no matter where we went in SL, we each were cuddling at least one kitty.

Oh my gosh, those very early days! Back when Bengal Snows and Rainbow Prism eyes were the most recessive traits and so elusive. Before whiskers were traits. Before we had the online pedigree (not to mention the cattery)! The stacks of paper my kitty friends and I used to keep as we tried to figure out the recessiveness of traits. It's a wonder we didn't pull all our hair out. Back when Saga was just starting to compile her list. Back before many of us realized it was OK for our kitties to live in our inventory. All the teasing we used to endure from and dish right back to Equinox. Back in the days of Sanura Snowpaw's auctions. I remember seeing Draco and Theo at them and being amazed at their kitty knowledge, and going to some of their early kitty breeding classes and learning so much! My first collections were the Lazy Daizies and the RFL Seasons of Hope, and they remain some of my all time favorites. I still sneak over to Nacht's Landing every once in awhile just to visit Sea Monster. Thanks to KittyCatS I've met some of the most wonderful, caring people and made some great friends.

So Happy Birthday, KittyCatS! I wish you so many more.
I joined kittycats many years ago (not saying how long ago) and it has helped me cope with depression and anxiety. Such a generous and giving community. When learning my son was terminally ill they gave me comfort and cared. So thank you kittycats for all you do!Angel
Happy 10th Birthday!! I remember the day my Bengal Tawny female and Chateau Cat 3 spot No. 1 male had a kitten and it was a Bigger de Big and I was so excited not only that it was my first ever Bigger de Big but it was also the Bengal Tawny fur I really wanted. I still have Benny today and he is 2224 days old and he makes me smile every time I see him.
thank you so much everyone!! please ask your friends to share a memory too!!! LOVE seeing these!! wow... so cool!
[Image: e2cd2aeca83e1a2ce4dc479f5c82704b.png]

That's when my addiction started giggle
I never in a million years thought I would end up as a pet owner here in SL.
But turned out it's the best thing that ever happened to me.
Not only that it's fun breeding but I found a community that is fun, very helpful and kind ..... just the best there is ;-)
Also we get spoiled over and over again ...... biiiig THANK YOU !!!
A big ((((hug)))) to the KC Team, Callie and all of you <3 <3

Happy Birthday, KittyCatS!
Happy Birthday KittyCats!

My first KittyCatS were Soft Exposure 88 which I thought were just the cutest things but didn't even realize they were a "thing". I didn't become truly addicted until the Silent Advent 2014 and Rainy Daydreams. I thought I had died and gone to heaven. KittyCatS have offered me a wonderful hobby and companionship I've really treasured in my Second Life. Thank you Callie and Team!
Hey im Tashia i joined SL few years ago to help with my gender disphoria and it also helps me cause im scared ofm people in the real world cause been hurt a lot. But i buy my first kittys as pets about a year or more ago and didnt realise what they where i just gae all my babys away and kept some. about 4-6 months ago i started dating my host as i was a DJ in SL then sadly her real life kittie died and i bought her one that looked like it and made a slideshow of all her snackum pictures to make her feel better. then i learned all about the trait system and started to go crazy buying kitties couple days later me my gf and my wife in SL had over 100 breeding PAIRS and some other kitties we didnt wanna breed yet. all this is exciting but the best part is after that i met a lot of really nice people and made a lot of friends even made my own group you can find in the swapping thread

i cant wait to see more from KC's but also looking forward to meeting more people and maybe making my own special group for trading become something as special as the kittycats groups of today

love you all IM me in world if u like to chat about anything really hehe
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