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Full Version: Build-a-cat
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Hi Tad Smile

We miss the Dusky Whiskers color I noticed and the Sassy Whiskers shape as wel as Ody FrazzyWave.

EDIT Also Rounded Boo Boo Ears I don't see listed & Dry Olive Eyes.
Corrected initial fur display to match current default of Coco IV instead of old default of Coco III.
Added Dusky whisker color.
Added Sassy whisker shape.
Added Odyssey FrazzyWave whisker shape.
Added Rounded Boo Boo ear shape.
Added Dry Olive eye color.

Remember, newer trait values often have spotty coverage. In particular, the shadow image for Rounded Boo Boo ear shape is missing on the web site.
I absolutly adore this tool it is so nice. I do have a couple Questions however, Did I over look it, or is there no option to apply shade to the image? The other thing is that you said that this site does not host the image? I print info of every one of my kitties to add into a kitty profile to help me keep track of each one and to be a ble to look through all my kitty info even when I am off line. It would be so nice If I cold save copies of the kitty image so I could print a decent size image for each of my kitties. I tried to save image as but the only thing that showed up as an image was the whiskers lol.
The page is nothing more than a collection of links to the images on the KittyCatS web server. It can only show what you would see on the Pedigree and Cattery pages. This means Shade and Tail are not there. Tail could be, but would the a monstrously huge effort by KittyCatS to add at this late date. Shade probably never will be because things like Glow and Shiny are not available on the web.

As on the KittyCatS web site, to save the image you must use a screen capture. That's because the cat displayed is actually four images, layered atop each other. These are:

* shadow (depends upon ear shape)

* ear shape and fur,

* eye color, pupil size, and eye shape

* whisker color and shape

The observant user will note that, far too often, certain combinations simply don't work. There is a shadow image missing for a newer ear shape, for example. And several ear/fur combinations are missing. If you run across one of these, and can show it effects a specific cat you actually own, in your Pedigree or Cattery pages, you can (should?) file a support ticket and, eventually, KittyCatS will add the missing images.
Oh wow, thats really interesting Smile Thank you very much. Is there a current thread open that explains how to do a screen shot? I have never dont that before.
If you're on a Mac, you just use the key combination command-shift-3 to capture whatever is on your screen at the time. I don't know what it is for other computers.
Thank you Smile I am on an HP computer using windows vista. I will see what I find out about the screen shots on google. Smile
Hi !

That could be "Print Screen" key, on a QWERTY keyboard.
(It's fn + Print Screen on an AZERTY).

Hikari Smile
I will try that, thank you Smile
Print screen works well enough, but, remember, it copies the image to the Clipboard .. you will need image editing software capable of pasting from the Clipboard, making a new image.

If you're like me, you'll need to be able to handle huge images. I always forget, and panic, when I paste what looks like a HUGE all-black image. My windows background is all black .. explains that. And I have two HD-sized monitors (one actually is the HDTV) .. the image I want always seems to be on the half I can't see right away. So it's always wait for GIMP to load .. paste .. panic .. head-slap .. scroll .. whew!
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