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Full Version: Build-a-cat
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Just realized it is updated, thank you for keeping this tool <3

That's what came out Smile :
Is so on my fav listings .. well done !!!!
I noticed today that it is missing the Royal Sapphire eye. I am assuming that it comes from the Regal Royal kittys, and from the discovery list - Royal Sapphire - Discovered by Katrin Brackin - Royal Surprise, August 3 2013

Can this eye be added?
Added Eye Color: Royal Sapphire
awesome i like this
on 4/02/14 the Abyssinian Dark Chocolate Fur was discovered.

Looks like only those two ear shapes have been uploaded to the server so far. Smile
Added fur: Abyssinian - Dark Chocolate.

Sorry it took so long. PMs seem to work better than posts here.

Have a request for Rounded Boo Boo ears but no good links. The one passed to me gave 404 Not Found on the web site. If someone has Rounded Boo Boo and can send the fur image (via PM) I'll get it in.

Dunno if there are other trait values missing.
Just renewed hosting for this. Which reminds me, it's probably getting behind so if there are new traits which need to be added, someone let me know.
I love this tool, this is so awesome. There is one small issue though unfortunatly. When the page is loading the cat is placed in a good section of the screen but when it completes loading the image of the cat goes up cutting off the sight of the ears with now option to scroll the image back down. My browser is Internet Explorer.
You are probably zoomed. On my computer, I use the mouse wheel to zoom in and out. Try resetting your zoom. The option is on the tools (gear icon). Or use Ctrl+0 keyboard shortcut to reset to 100%.
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