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Full Version: Build-a-cat
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Great work

I don't *know*, and they're not saying, but it's my theory that KittyCatS only install images when someone needs it for their Pedigree or Cattery to display correctly.

So, in the case of Tapestry Allure, where I had the name and it worked everywhere except Mysterious/Small, as soon as someone needed it, they installed it, and the Build-a-Cat page would begin using it.

The only time I need to learn the names of the files is when it's a new thing .. in which case it's not going to be offered by the Build-a-Cat page as an option. Once I add the option, if some combinations are missing (like for Tapestry Allure), the page will pick up the missing combinations automatically, once KittyCatS installs the images on their web server.
it would appear that this is not working at the moment, which is sad cuz i'm trying to sort out some fur/eye combos on my wishlist. Hope it is up and running again soon.
Thanks. I filed a trouble ticket. The vhost is up but its web server is down. We'll see how quickly they respond.
It's back up. The provider stated they were experiencing a DDoS and services would return to normal once they had squelched it.
This web page is moving to its new home:

It will remain active on the old page, until traffic drops off and you all have updated your bookmarks.

I have updated the bookmark in the OP.

Same hosting provider. The difference is I'm now paying for the service instead of using a free site. So, if I move it in the future, your bookmarks won't need to be changed.
a bumpity bump
This is a very cool site Tad! Thanks for creating and maintaining it ! Smile

Would it be possible to get Odyssey Rounded Fold ears and Swanky whiskers added?

Although, Odyssey Rounded Fold ears is missing a lot of furs, so YMMV.
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