Mar 182022

We have donated 4 Fairies to Benefit RFL. these fairies will be custom sized for the winner to be 400-500 cm!!

This is a super size and something we do on a very limited basis.

photos of cats here!

The RFL Home and Garden Auction info:

Date: Saturday, March 19th
Time: 12 Noon

KittyCatS! Supersize Kitties Up for Auction
(will be auctioned off as individually):

fOreSt faiRieS! –
Romantic Romp Boy
Romantic Romp Girl

fOreSt faiRieS! –
Midnight Mischief Boy
Midnight Mischief Girl

One of A Kind (400-500 meter)
super size packing will be included in the sale as a bonus item! (one per cat)

Breedable:  Yes but size does not transfer

Feb 262021
Thank you to Kathern LLewellyn who share this video that features our 10th bithday cats! It’s in Spanish but so fun to watch someone open the kitty and interact with it!
Go watch and give her a like and comment! the Kitties appear at 1:04:18
thank you to Novata and we hope your viewers love their new cats!! and we hope you do too!
Jun 042020

GUESS WHAT??? you can NOW get the floofy head!!

The floofy head is the head the Tiger! Tiger!  collection had, (photo attached)
it’s random like sizes and when you birth your cat the box will show a teal stripe on the top and bottom if your cat has the new head!!  ANY fur can now have this head!! we hope you enjoy this on your creations!

it is entirely random (like sizes) and can’t be bred for.
here is a photo attached

KittyCatS! Floofy Head

May 132020


Presenting the KittyCatS! CareKitty!
a gift from KittyCatS! & our friends at Firestorm


Hello Friends,

During this time when our entire world is going through something we’ve never been through, we are more connected than we ever realized. Our hearts and thoughts are continually with our world wide family, most of all to those who are suffering in some way.

We as a company have wondered if there is something we could do to help lighten the load. And one day, in March, the idea of creating a “CareKitty” came to mind. After carefully thinking through, we decided it was something we wanted to create for our beloved SL community.

Our friends at Firestorm jumped on board immediately to help us bring these little cats to you!

We put our heart and a lot of love into these little cats and hope they bring some happiness to your Second life.

With all the uncertainty, fears and instability, we hope that the CareKitty will provide some support, friendship, love and a sense of togetherness. After all, we are all in this together.

On behalf of all of us at KittyCatS! we send our deepest condolences to those who have lost loved ones during this Pandemic, and to all who have suffered in anyway. It has touched us all, and we’re reminded how connected we all are.

Your new kitty will need no food, and will live forever. Should it ever get lost, we will replace it.

Additionally, we are including a coupon for a FREE pair of kittens which will grow to adults (in 7 days) and can give you a little kitten! We’re including this should you want to have the fun experience of watching your  little cats grow, “fall in love” and have a little cute kitten! The pair comes with 2 weeks worth of food too!

Please receive these gifts with all our love,

Your KittyCatS! Team



KittyCatS! CareKitty! Location


? Are the KittyCatS! CareKitty! cats transferable? No, they are a non-transferable PermaPet™.
They cannot be sold or traded. They can not breed, do not need food, and cannot get sick.
? Can I pick the gender? No, the gender will be random.
? Do they come with anything? Yes, each CareKitty! package contains one (1) KittyCatS! – Free Pair Kitty Coupon! (Rez & Click)

©2020 KittyCatS! All rights reserved.
All names, titles, and text ©KittyCatS! and may not be used without permission.

Jun 202018

KittyCatS is celebrating Second Life’s 15th birthday with some FREE gifts for you that we hope you will love!

sl15b sim_003

sl15b sim_004

Visit our parcel at SL15B to get a free gift shoulder pet, a free decor statue, AND a free gift KittyCat that you can keep as a pet and watch grow!

15 amazing years! It’s hard to believe how much time has gone by! But you know the old saying…time flies when you’re having fun! And our time with you has been the most fun! We’ve shared a lot as a community and are thankful for the opportunity to share KittyCatS with you!

Enjoy your new babies! Happy Birthday!

Jun 262015

It’s Second Life’s 12th Birthday, and KittyCatS is thrilled to be a part of the celebration! To help commemorate this event, we’ve released not one, not two, but THREE special collectible SL12B KittyCatS that are our gift to YOU, the Second Life Community!

These special collectible KittyCatS are ONE (1) per avatar and are available for a limited time, so tell your friends, bring a few alts, and pick yours up today! You can grab them, plus a FREE special Birthday celebration hat at our SL12B display here or at our SL12B KittyCatS Birthday sim here!

While you’re at our Birthday sim, don’t forget to walk around and vote for your favorites in the SL12B Birthday Decoration Contest! There are 20 neat displays created by members of the KittyCatS community for you to choose from! And our Birthday sim was also chosen as an Editor’s Choice pick for the destination guide AND for the SL12b EVENTS section!! (please give the link a ‘Like’ if you can!)

KittyCatS Pirate Island Birthday Bash

Still want more to do? KittyCatS is also part of the SL12B Birthday Hunt. You can read all about the hunt here and you can start the hunt here!

Finally, we will have a KittyCatS SL12B Party on Saturday, 27th June at 2PM SLT at our SL12B Birthday Sim to celebrate 12 years of Second Life and our Avi Choice awards wins! We hope to see you all there! :)

Thanks for your support, and Happy Birthday Second Life!!!

Your KittyCatS Team :)

Dec 012014

KittyCatS is pleased to present our Annual Advent Calendar Holiday Event! We wanted to do something special for the Second Life community so we gathered together many of Second Life’s most talented content creators, along with talented members of the KittyCatS community, to once again help us put together a special KittyCatS! Advent Calendar just for all of you.

Each day, from December 1st through the 24th, a new gift will be available on our Advent calendar, culminating in a special gift from KittyCatS! to all of you on December 24th. There are even some special gifts for your KittyCatS too! And the best part is the gifts will stay available, all through the month of December! So even if you miss a day or two, you can still go back and pick up your gifts. :)

You can also check out the awesome blog post on our calendar from Harper Beresford will be blogging “the gifts for you” everyday!

Pick up your Advent gifts here!

KittyCatS Main Store

KittyCatS Winterland

Your KittyCatS Team :)

Sep 032013

Today is the 3rd Birthday from Firestorm!! To thank all of the people who work hard on that project to make our life easier in Second Life, we created the Fire Kitty!!

You can get it for free at our mainshop or some selected markets. For more information about the Firekitty and the locations for getting it, please visit the official Firestorm blog here.

Thank you so much Firestorm Team, and Happy Birthday from the KittyCatS Community!!

Your KittyCatS Team

May 242013

Presenting the KittyCatS RFL 2013 Limited Edition Cat – Century Of Hope
“celebrating one hundred years & over one million steps”

KittyCatS is honored to present our Century Of Hope cats, benefiting Relay For Life.

These 2 Limited Editions are very special to us. When thinking of the Theme of Celebrating 100 years, it was a bit challenging to come up with a direction. Inspiration wasn’t quite presenting itself as quickly as we liked… but alas… that is life…

100 years, relay, walking, community, hope, caring, these things were thought of often in thinking of a theme. Then it hit!

What if 100 paws were drawn, representing the millions of steps taken over the last 100 years by people all over the world in the fight against cancer? That became the theme.

As we all have personally lost people to cancer or know people fighting it now, some of the hearts were directly inspired by their lives. Others were inspired by stories we’ve heard from our community and others during our SL years. Each one has it’s own special meaning.

Each cat has over 100 paws on it… representing those 100 years and those millions of steps. We are honored to present them to you and hope they bring some hope and joy your way.

Your KittyCatS! Team

Note: Initially the wrong ads were posted by accident. We’ve removed the incorrect ads and replaced them with the ones from the actual vendors. Our apologies for any confusion.


KittyCatS – RFL – Century Of Hope fast facts

* are the Century Of Hope Cats Transferable? – yes!
* do they come with food? yes! they come with one week food.
* do they come with the collars? – No, but you add make your own if you want to!
* can I buy more than one? – yes!
* can i sell or trade them? – yes!
* do they pass on their coats/eyes/tails/ears? -the Century Of Hope do not pass their visible traits. They carry random Genesis KittyCat traits which have the potential to pass their hidden traits like any other Genesis KittyCat. They can carry the genes of new traits that can only be discovered through breeding.

get them here!!! KittyCatS RFL 2013 Limited Edition Cat – Century Of Hope

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