Dec 182023

Presenting the KittyCatS Winter Collection 2023
UgLy sWeaTeR PartY! KittyCatS!


KittyCatS is proud to present our 2023 Winter Collection –
UgLy sWeaTeR PartY! collectible KittyCatS!

You are cordially invited to the best ever and cutest UGLY SWEATER PARTY!!!

And your cats are here to inspire you!

We absolutely LOVED knitting these sweaters for the kitties. And they were like.. “wait! we know we are adorable, and all, and we’d LOVE to add some Ugly Fun to our sweaters!”

Well this was our best attempt…

As you will see… we sorta failed in making them “ugly” and they reminded us of that fact!

We hope you enjoy this collection as much as we LOVED making it for you.

Each kitty comes with some decor you can choose for them for their “ugly sweaters!”

Lights or no lights? Fish patches or candy canes? or… their own unique patches! Oh and they also have a ‘party whisker” option to really dress them UP for the “Ugly Sweater Party!”

Life and Kitties are beautiful! Even when they are “ugly!”

We hope you LOVE these kitties and have fun customizing yours!

and, of course, like all of our Winter Collection KIttyCatS, these adorable felines come with a ridable SLEIGH for you AND your cat to ride around on. (in their interaction menu)

Your KittyCatS Team

KittyCatS! Ugly Sweater Party! Ad copy

KittyCatS! – UgLy sWeaTeR PartY! Facts!


= Are the KittyCatS UgLy sWeaTeR PartY! cats transferable? – yes, after you rez them!
= Do they come with food? yes! they come with one week food, 5% love vitamins, one love drop. and one portable food  (these items are not transferable)
= Can I buy more than one?  – yes!
= Can I sell or trade them?  – yes!
= Do they pass on their coats/eyes/tails/ears? -the UgLy sWeaTeR PartY! cats are a specially designed collectible cat with  random Genesis KittyCat traits which have the potential to pass their hidden traits like any other Genesis KittyCat. They can carry the genes of the new traits and furs that can only be discovered through breeding.
= Can they breed something special? – yes! If you breed 2 UgLy sWeaTeR PartY! kitties together they will give you a really lovely special baby you will NOT want to miss!


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