KittyCatS Team

Apr 152011

We are proud to announce the addition of KittyCatS! jewelry and our first release of Collars for your KittyCatS!
They come in a wide array of colors and styles that will really enhance the look of your KittyCat.

And… because your KittyCatS! love you so much, they wanted us to add a special “gift” inside each box for YOU!
You will find in each box, a special matching bracelet (left and right applications) and your own “collar” so you can match your KittyCat when you hold them!

Mar 262011

Some of you have made some suggestions that we have implemented and a few other things:

? Auto Feeder back on sale
? New CATNAP vitamin available
? 6 packs for LOVE & ENERGY vitamins

?new name – CATNAP 0% – this puts your cat to sleep and sets it’s energy to 0%
?new item – CATNAP – this puts your cat to sleep at its current energy level.

? Love5
? Love10
? Energy5
? Energy10

Dec 192010

Yes! We will start with our closed Beta Test after Xmas! If you want to be part of it fill out the application form which is in the group notices and send it back to SmartKittyCat Resident.People who will be selected for the Beta Test will be informed on the 24th December.

The first Beta Test will be a small group, so apply as soon as you can : )