Mar 312021

Get your kitties ready!! From April 1st to April 7th your kitties will be able to have a SURPRISE KITTY!! (one per avatar)

Your “SPECIAL BABIES” from the collections will NOT be affected by this..

KittyCatS! - Foolin' CabbitS! are comin'

The following information explains how the births will work:

First, definitions to clarify the 2 types of births:

• Special Baby – the babies that come from Collection Cats, unique to the collection.
(example: LepreKitty Babies)

• Surprise Birth – a unique cat which can be born from ANY 2 CATS during a specific time frame.
We announce these ahead of time and give an average of 4-7 days for users to get one.
(example: April Fool Cats)

IMPORTANT: You will NOT miss out on the Limited LepreKitty TWINS during this period
should your pairing/breeding happen during the Surprise Birth timeframe. (April 1-7),

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The Surprise Birth and Special Babies offspring will happen as follows:

If 2 LepreCats are bred:
– they first will have a chance to breed one of the 200 LepreKitten Twins. (if they have never been bred)
– If they do not have a set of twins on that birth, they will have a chance to breed a SURPRISE BIRTH kitty.
– If they do not have a SURPRISE BIRTH kitty, they will have the guaranteed collection “Special Baby!”
If you breed your LepreKitties again during the Special Baby time frame, they still have a chance to get a
Surprise Birth Kitty, if they have not had one.
The Surprise Births are ONE per avatar.
The LepreKitty Twins are NOT one per avatar. (they are one per pair of LepreKitties).
Enjoy this exciting time!!

May the Luck of the Irish be with YOU! Smile

Luck & Love, Your KittyCatS Team

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