May 132020


Presenting the KittyCatS! CareKitty!
a gift from KittyCatS! & our friends at Firestorm


Hello Friends,

During this time when our entire world is going through something we’ve never been through, we are more connected than we ever realized. Our hearts and thoughts are continually with our world wide family, most of all to those who are suffering in some way.

We as a company have wondered if there is something we could do to help lighten the load. And one day, in March, the idea of creating a “CareKitty” came to mind. After carefully thinking through, we decided it was something we wanted to create for our beloved SL community.

Our friends at Firestorm jumped on board immediately to help us bring these little cats to you!

We put our heart and a lot of love into these little cats and hope they bring some happiness to your Second life.

With all the uncertainty, fears and instability, we hope that the CareKitty will provide some support, friendship, love and a sense of togetherness. After all, we are all in this together.

On behalf of all of us at KittyCatS! we send our deepest condolences to those who have lost loved ones during this Pandemic, and to all who have suffered in anyway. It has touched us all, and we’re reminded how connected we all are.

Your new kitty will need no food, and will live forever. Should it ever get lost, we will replace it.

Additionally, we are including a coupon for a FREE pair of kittens which will grow to adults (in 7 days) and can give you a little kitten! We’re including this should you want to have the fun experience of watching your  little cats grow, “fall in love” and have a little cute kitten! The pair comes with 2 weeks worth of food too!

Please receive these gifts with all our love,

Your KittyCatS! Team



KittyCatS! CareKitty! Location


? Are the KittyCatS! CareKitty! cats transferable? No, they are a non-transferable PermaPet™.
They cannot be sold or traded. They can not breed, do not need food, and cannot get sick.
? Can I pick the gender? No, the gender will be random.
? Do they come with anything? Yes, each CareKitty! package contains one (1) KittyCatS! – Free Pair Kitty Coupon! (Rez & Click)

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