KittyCatS! Manual

Filing A Support Ticket

Filing a "ticket" with our online support system is the best way to get help for a problem with your cat or box.



• Log into the KittyCatS website and click on the Support button on the menu header.

The support page takes you directly to the ticket form. 


1. In the Subject field, write something simple that tells us the problem.


  • Lost cat 
  • Broken cat 
  • Cat not eating


2. In the Message field, write a more detailed explanation of the problem using the  

    following guidelines:

     • If your problem involves a lost or broken cat, or multiple cats, list their ID#'s on the same ticket.

     • Go to your Pedigree Page at and find your cat.

     • Click on its name to open its Info page and get the ID#.

     •The ID# is a very long number and should follow a 6-4-4-4-12 format.

                        (Example: xxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx)


3. Only include an ID# if the ticket is about a cat. (Just include the ID# and a brief description of the problem.)


4. If your problem involves a transaction, such as a trade, or purchase, include your transaction history:

     • For in-world purchases, find your transaction history here:

      • For SL Marketplace purchases, go to Order History here: 

     • For purchases made with Kitty Dollars, go to your K$ transactions here:


5. If you have an issue we need to see in person, include the SLurl.

     • Make sure land is open to our staff. 

     • Make sure we have the ability to rez items and run scripts.


Tickets are generally answered within 24 hours.

If the wait seems to be longer, go back to  

Check your open tickets to see if we've replied, or if we're waiting on a response from you. :)


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