KittyCatS! Manual

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Basic Information - (Getting Started)
Getting started with KittyCatS!
Birthing Your Cats
How to birth your new kitty!
Getting Help - Support
Need help with your cat? Learn about using our support system here.
Menu Overview - Live Cats
Overview of the functions on a cat’s menu.
Articles that focus on breeding.
Consumables (food/milk/vitamins)
Descriptions of the various products.
All about jewels!
Useful Items (MeowMat, HUD & more!)
Useful items for your KittyCatS!
Account Management
Important things for managing your account.
Collection Cat Gallery
Gallery pictures of all Collection cat pictures
KittyCatS 101 Classes
This section will contain basic links to the slides presentations used in our KittyCatS 101 Classes for those that missed the classes, or were unable to hear the class presentations.