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Full Version: New Fur: Tiger! - Shadow
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[Image: fbd0e45d6f6a1da935aaa41a9a77ddc2.png]

[Image: 56e1becd69ef944897d4a868b35f26cf.png]
Congrats! I love it! Smile
Congrats that is an AWESOME fur. I think my new favorite.
congratulations, great fur Wink
Gorgeous fur. Will definitely be on the lookout for that.
Beautiful fur Eleanor congrats ♥
Think I have proof which puts it dominant to Chat Cat Toffee Caramel

[Image: 9f0daf2db879ad25b3b2a8aa26ed3033.png]
Wow! Congrats! Nice fur!
Not sure where to ask this question...

Do any breeders here have a possible new fur suspect that is more recessive than the Chateau Toffee Caramel (present most recessive)?

I ask because I have am getting Toffee Caramel kittens from an Under The Sea starter, bred with a 9T Toffee mate. I am wondering if back breeding the kitten would be worth the time. (The summer cats have been out about 50 days so far and no new most recessives discovered.)

We never know Shamu, and it's just one of those things where you look at the cat and consider your own tolerance for disappointment. I'm sure you know to switch to a dominant fur to make hiders at this point. Pick a retired fur pretty far up the chart to run with your starter to capture the hidden, and then do back breeds or sibling breeds of your resulting hiders.
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