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Full Version: New Fur: Tiger! - Shadow
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As Ivy said best way to find out is switch to a more dominant. One of my starters returned Swanky Lite with a Swanky lite puller first breed, I switched immediately to a more dominant whisker in the hopes of hiding it in a girl for a backbreed, so far he has declined to pass his whisker shape again but I will persevere, even if I get a boy I'll just pick a cat with a whisker recessive to the oneI'm using to hide and carry on trying to get a girl hider. Unfortunately its unlikely to be a fast process but if you do have something new its instant placement. This is why new recessives don't tend to be found until a little while after a release, backbreeding takes time and patience and a whole heap of luck in getting the right hiders to backbreed in the first place, then relying on 2 cats to pass hid instead of one. Good Luck if you do decide its worth digging to see.
Posting for Evely
Tiger! - Shaow is dominant to Toyger - Snow
Nice clear proof showing the Toyger - Snow pulled by the more recessive Chateau Cat - Toffee Caramel

[Image: 66ae69f932cbe6fe1e98de15ce4f810e.png]
Just had this baby today.
[Image: 41bd11e455ad6db8c9c3fbe037fc8c8e.png]
I've started running some tests on my two Tiger!-Shadow starters and one of my shadows.

[Image: 5e191ade40773003c3f9516404c2fd73.png]

Kitten is unpacked and will be tested for his hidden fur.

Enyeto is now paired with a Russian White mate - will see how he gets on with her (Going high on the dominance chart).

The Jelly Nelly starter is paired with a Balinese - Flame Lynx mate and the Kaleidoscope girl with an Australian Mist - Snow. First kittens due in 5 or 6 days time.
Tiger! - Shadow probably dominant to Aussie - Snow. Kitten unpacked for testing.

[Image: 3c88ebc4b87e10d7bc646ad0df2c1a16.png]

[Image: 5b762afd81e9a3df1a52b5fba19643bd.png]

[Image: 66e3b84b4f5c5b078891074003d01fd4.png]
(profiler has made a mess of the dates - but it is Archibald's line)
Tiger! - Shadow is recessive to Russian - Black.

[Image: 2024f08d10affef12b401cf65311b69b.png]

[Image: c68e3ac25baa731c9318d7297df44f27.png]
Unpacking to pull the hidden fur

[Image: 8000e938ba14d4b5cd9505b238f63f24.png]
Tiger! - Shadow is dominant to Australian Mist - Snow

[Image: 1d9f02fde38a0add1b69af568884bf2b.png]
Tiger! - Shadow is dominant to Balinese - Flame Lynx.

Tiger! - Shadow is recessive to Maine Coon - Silver Tortoiseshell

[Image: 73355c23a6ebe066793bea8610c48cff.png]

[Image: 6d060a378b7bc01a743bbb4c1d34e86f.png]
Unpacking to check hid, he threw hid last week so fingers crossed he didn't this week Smile

[Image: 6b347bf2cc10632a447bd7abbeabc1c5.png]
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