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Full Version: New Fur: Foxie Dusty Slate
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New Born Kitten

Fur: Foxie - Dusty Slate
Eyes: Serenity (Shape: Curious | Pupil: Big)
Shade: Natural
Tail: Chop Chop
Ears: Pointed Soft Fold
Whiskers: Silver (Shape: Fussy)
Size: Normal

[Image: 09303-4809fb08-e086-41e4-bd4e-1d0782fafe4e.png]
What a GORGEOUS cat! Congratulations!
wonderful looking kitty. do you have the pedigree page on what you use to pull it?
Congrats on the new fur discovery!

Can't wait to see the pedigree!
Hendrix posted the pedigree in Addicts group chat when he got the box, so I've seen it. I hope he'll post it here soon.
The fur was pulled with toyger snow. So, the chart's the limit.
[Image: 09304-9dbcbf57-84fc-4200-bf74-5d6133d9a076.png]
The most recessive fur, Chateau Toffee Caramel, was discovered by TerrorMisu Resident November 29th, 2018, which is 95 days ago.
If you look at the toyger snows in the pedigree, you will see that (if you add a day since yesterday) that they are 147 and 96 days old.
We could ask Terror if she sold hiders before the discovery, but it's a pretty darn good bet that the toyger snow line is pure.
Congrats Hendrix. Very pretty new fur.
If we could see Kamillas Pedigree and the ages of her grandparents we might find proof there can be not Chateau Cat - Toffee Caramel hiding. I can also ask Terror if she sold hiders prior to discovery, having gone through a lot of hider pedigrees with her though I suspect its unlikely that she did.
Also taking into account the cats are well traited and have Marble Magic eyes I'd doubt theres anything remotely close to a starter for several generations in the cats BG.
This is as far back as I can go with it.
[Image: 09305-09f73865-5cff-4ab3-83b2-8f09ed8985e5.png]
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