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Full Version: New Fur: Foxie Dusty Slate
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Posting some pedigrees here from Celia to show that Jeannelle is a pure Toyger - Snow.
Chateau Cat - Toffee Caramel was found in the Fall Collection, this was released on Oct 17th 2018 which was 215 days ago.

Maile first
this line dates as older than 215 days with no starters or potential Toffee Hiders
[Image: 0100f150f91c1d2c09fb507f2035f4dc.png]

and Jennis
the only cat that doesn't track back far enough is 202 days old, it was birthed 13 days after collection release, its parents had to be at least 12 days old if drugged. First Fall cats would have bred 203 days ago (again if drugged) so we have 1 day discrepancy, however the traits are enough to tell us that this was not the result of a starter breed. The Toffee Caramel was not actually discovered until 29th November so this is enough evidence to say the Toyger Snow Jeannelle is pure
[Image: 077dfa0793abfe118334ea6e66b2202b.png]

Therefore we can say that Foxie - Dusty Slate is dominant to Toyger - Snow
And confirmation to back up Celias proofs on the Toyger - Snow
Pulled here from a Foxie - Dusty Slate by Chateau Cat - Toffee Caramel

[Image: 322c8f8d117073b72a912bc299ab0617.png]
Foxie - Dusty Slate confirmed dominant to Burmilla - Lilac.

[Image: f242a6d7cdcd636aea5acc6342391062.png]
Thanks Eleanor for providing this proof. I know Hendrix has been pulling the slates with Burmilla Lilac from the beginning but didn’t have proof of purity. This makes it official.
Recessive to Australian Mist - Snow

Paolo bred to a Aussie Snow and Aussie Snow was the result, Melinda then backbred the baby to Paolo and pulled the Foxie - Dusty Slate

[Image: 8621dd4f6584fc7b54647c3900f15863.png]
Had this today

[Image: 85618e5e984570e1b1cd43be59539ce5.png]

She is unpacking now to check her hid, not sure if theres anything more recessive in Dads background, he is one of Ms Magicks line so I expect the Toyger - Caramel to be solid. Anyway checking the hid for confirmation. Both furs are in the Dusty Slate test range so hopefully a proof regardless Smile
Foxie - Dusty Slate is dominant to Toyger Tawny.
This proof comes from Ithildin Telperion/ Mondi Beaumont. Thank you very much. I know she's been working on this proof for at least a month.

[Image: 48160804166_e5b5d2ff3e_c.jpg]FoxieDustySlate>ToygerTawny

Here we have two cats showing the Foxie - Dusty Slate. But Sally is hiding Toyger Tawny or more recessive, while Snubbie is hiding Toyger Snow. When the two are mated, a New Born showing Toyger Tawny is produced. The Toyger Tawny MUST have been Sally's hidden - that is the only place it could have come from - and it is pulled by Snubbie's Toyger Snow. Since the Tawny came out from under the Foxie - Dusty Slate, it must be recessive to it.

My Dusty Slate / Golden Ticket pair produced a Toyger - Caramel this week so that confirms the Golden Ticket hides Toyger - Caramel, since we know the Dusty Slate is dominant so can't be hiding under it, just hoping that Odila hides Golden Ticket not Toyger - Caramel Smile
Got this today, unfortunately Zen is known to hide Burmilla - Lilac and I can't be sure which David hides so I am popping the baby, will attempt to pull Davids hid in the meantime as well since thats what is hiding.

[Image: bb505d30bd4d1931a8ce0dfe11b59094.png]
Dominant to Burmilla - Chocolate Silver Shaded

Nice clear proof, Elva passed her hidden fur pulled by the current most recessive fur.
Davids mother was a Burmilla - Chocolate Silver Shaded and he passed his hid to Elva.

[Image: 044572bbca6ba264b048b9cd414aa850.png]
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