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Full Version: New Fur: Foxie Dusty Slate
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Recessive to Tonkinese - Blue Mink

Mancala hides Foxie - Dusty Slate
[Image: b05788ea2a054438578b55248dba21c6.png]

Ephraim hides Foxie - Dusty Slate
[Image: 82d5dd977c1ed3096f1ea8d63cc83236.png]

Since Mancala & Ephraim both hide Foxie - Dusty Slate their offspring Big n is pure.

Big n bred with Lizbeth a Tonkinese - Blue Mink, their offspring is a Tonkinese - Blue Mink, since Big n can only pass Foxie - Dusty Slate it must hide making it recessive to Tonkinese - Blue Mink
[Image: ec956a1544871c32da2add3823b08a26.png]
Recessive to Tonkinese - Lilac Tortie.

As was shown in the previous pos #31 Big n is a pure Foxie - Dusty Slate.
This week I paired him with a Tonkinese - Lilac Tortie and the result was a Tonkinese - Lilac Tortie

[Image: d6e75ae5036fd74496fe6ec312396f24.png]

Therefore the baby hides Foxie - Dusty Slate making it recessive to Tonkinese - Lilac Tortie.
[Image: 5dc8e8bb31bf802b16c45173d711839e.png]
If everybody will look up the page to post #31 you can see the proofs that the grandparents Ephraim and Mancala both hide the Dusty Slate. This means that Ronit, their offspring is Dusty Slate pure, which is to say that Ronit will only throw Dusty Slate. When mated with Jessamyn (a Bengal Blue), Jessamyn throws the bengal blue. I don't actually know what Jessamyn hides, but it doesn't matter because she threw the Bengal Blue. The Bengal Blue shows, which means that the Dusty Slate must be hiding.

Ergo: Bengal Blue is dominant to Foxie - Dusty Slate.
That was the last step and so Foxie - Dusty Slate is PLACED recessive to Bengal Blue and dominant to Burmilla Chocolate Shaded.
Thank you so much Tazzy/ LadyBlackDiamond for the proof.
Wow those 2 pures really got the job done Smile
Makes mental note to make more effort with pure cats in the future!
Wanders off to repack the Burmilla Red I popped yesterday just in case Smile
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