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Full Version: Dominance Orders for furs, eyes & traits in Google Docs
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This thread has not been updated in some time, however I am leaving it pinned as it still contains useful links and information. Thanks! ~KL

--------EDIT - 2023:--------
The charts in this post haven't been updated in years. After I myself stepped down (around 2014, I think?), various people managed them for a few years, but it's a lot of work, and eventually the charts became outdated.

Today, I was actually surprised to see this thread is still here - pinned, even - but I guess that it's true what it says above: It still contains some useful information - mainly the "KittyCatS Basic Info - Mainly for beginners" (found in the folder below) plus the "Facts About KittyCatS Traits" and "Trait-Talk Transcript" that can be useful if you want to understand the "genetics" behind KittyCatS - and, by now, some history.

However, the charts themselves are outdated, so to avoid the misunderstandings that still happen sometimes, please go to the Breeding section of these forums and look for the forum-based charts there. People are still keeping those updated, so please support their work! It takes a lot of time and dedication, and those charts are invaluable.

Best of luck with the kitties, everyone!
Miro Felix (Formerly Saga)

-------Original Post, 2011:-------

Hey all,

I promised sooo long ago, that some day I'd get the lists done - and tadaa, here we go!
I created a collection of Google Docs with dominance order of traits, furs & eyes, plus a couple of other documents that people have been asking for.

The dominance-order lists are not done - they are a work in progress and always will be, as new furs and traits are released ever so often. That is why I finally (Thanks, Khea!) figured out Google Docs and "saw the light" - I can now update and correct everything, nothing gets outdated and no outdated notecards circulate the community Big Grin
You will find some of the newer furs etc. are missing, still - I have been gone from SL for a bit, so I rely on kind people to send me info so I can update Smile

Here's the links - I hope many will find them useful, and help keep them updated:

Saga's KittyCats Collection (All the documents in a folder)

The links for the individual documents are below:

Dominance Order, Eyes

Dominance Order, Furs

Dominance Order, Traits

Facts about KittyCatS Traits

Trait-Talk Transscript

Enjoy! <3


EDIT: Remember to refresh the page every now and again - some who use the documents a lot write to me with info that is already there, simply because they're looking at a cached (and hence outdated) version of the documents.
Awesome work Saga..thanks for the resources Smile
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Thank you very much Saga, this is great!! Smile
I sent you my list inworld with some comments. Wink
Wow thank you that is so convenient certainly with all these new furs!
Thanks Saga ! Heart
Thanks to everyone who has sent me comments on these lists, and most of all to those who have sent corrections and further info!

In some odd way, I LOVE to have my info proven wrong - since that means I get wiser ;-) So if you think you see a mistake, please contact me.

Many did already, and some of the stuff has been very helpfull. Ody.Splash was listed way too recessive, Blue & White Tabby was not listed at all, and same goes for many more little corrections that I make as they come in.
Now, while any info is of course helpful, don't expect me to re-make all my work because someone messages me and writes "I once had a Bengal Snow that always gave Red Tabby, so surely the Red Tabby hide behind Bengal Snow!".... Sorry, no... I need to see proof if what you write seems somewhat unlikely to me ;-)

So, what is "Proof"? 100% proof comes from two cats with the same coat or trait that gets a kitten with a different coat or trait than the parents.
Fur: Genesis - Smokey
Eyes: Odyssey Fire & Rain (Shape: Curious | Pupil: Small)
Shade: Natural
Tail: Genesis
Ears: Curious
Whiskers: Silver (Shape: Mysterious)

Fur: Burmese - Champagne
Eyes: Morning Dew (Shape: Curious | Pupil: Big)
Shade: Natural
Tail: Genesis
Ears: Curious
Whiskers: Silver (Shape: Plush)

Fur: Genesis - Smokey
Eyes: Morning Dew (Shape: Curious | Pupil: Big)
Shade: Natural
Tail: Genesis
Ears: Curious
Whiskers: Silver (Shape: Mysterious)

Here, you see two cats with Morning Dew eyes got a kitten that had Odyssey Fire & Rain. -This means with 100% certainty that Ody. Fire & Rain has been hiding BEHIND the Morning Dew, and hence the Morning Dew is dominant to the Fire & Rain - As we know that the shown traits is always more dominant than the one that hides behind.

THIS kind of proof is the only kind that is 100% certain.

Sometimes, I have based certain facts on less-than-100%-certain proof. This happens if for example someone mates a Siamese Seal with an Ocicat Tawny and gets a White Russian. -With all that I know already, there is NO way that that White Russian can have hidden behind the Ocicat Tawny - hence, this proves (just as good as 100%) that White Russian can hide behind Siamese Seal, and hence that Siamese Seal is dominant to White Russian.
At rare occasions, people whom I KNOW to have a good understanding of KittyCatS "genetics" have written to me with fairly "far-out" proof that took a lot of pedigree-studying to be sure of - but if properly presented, even that might work Smile

So, this is the best way to approach it. -But that doesn't mean that nothing else is helpful. Someone wrote to me "I think you placed Ody.Splash as too recessive on your list", and since I got next to no "real" info about Ody.Splash, and can't prove them wrong (and besides, I think they are right), I corrected it based on just this comment.

So - with this, I challenge you all: Go out and prove me wrong! -I'd LOVE if if you did *grins* There is NO way I could have collected all this info all by myself anyway, and there is NO way I can keep it updated all by myself, either. So while my name may be on the lists, this is actually quite a community-project.

Have fun! Smile

First to thanks in saga for this miraculous and helpful work.


Maybe it lies in it that i am a man and in addition still German, i do not understand everything...

But I do not look though really as I could breed with the help of the table.
Is 18K-gold and Mocha called now I composes higher chances on azure has if its hidden, or Should one not compose to azure with Mocha or 18K?

Now I am confused a little.... *runs circle in the rug*
Hi Mr. Gloom

I am sorry, but I am not sure I understand all you write Confused -But one of the things you ask is "Should one not compose to azure with Mocha or 18K?" - and to that, I can just say that you can of course combine ANY eyes you like! My list is just meant to help you determine what might hide behind what, and help you find out what to breed with if you want certain traits to show. If you want Azure to show, it should be fairly simple, as it is very dominant. That, however, also means that if you want most other eye colours to show, Azure would not be the smartest thing to breed them with. (Unless the Azure-eyed cat has some other desirable eye colour hiding, and you're willing to "only" get the result you want about 50% of the time, of course Wink)

If my answer doesn't help a bit, maybe try contact me in SL - in German, if need be. -Even if I do not understand all of it, I know some people who might be able to translate.

A lot of work went into this, very appreciated. Thanks for sharing. <3
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