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Full Version: Dominance Orders for furs, eyes & traits in Google Docs
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-They're looking all normal here on my end, Bea. -Sorry I can't be of much help, I am ever so non-technical Confused

Oh and btw, we just crossed 100 posts in this thread.... Sticky now?? Tongue ;-)

-Oh, and past 13.000 views.... :O

No. 2 has 7700 and is Mariah's old list of all traits that she kept updated for so long - was a great resource when I first started in KittyCatS <3
I second the sticky and will continue to post as I've heard Saga in world talk about having this stickied many times. Saga has done a lot of for our community and I don't think anyone could argue doing so is well worth it!
yay!!!!!!!!! Saga's charts working normal at my end again now!!!!!!!! *gets a kitty to stick tongue out at error 500*
(11-30-2012 06:51 PM)Bea Shamrock Wrote: [ -> ]yay!!!!!!!!! Saga's charts working normal at my end again now!!!!!!!! *gets a kitty to stick tongue out at error 500*

Am so very glad to hear it, Bea! -I hope that goes for everyone who had an error yesterday - I heard from a few in IM as well. I always get so frustrated when I can't help the people who come to me and ask why they can't access the charts. All I can do is take a look, see that they're still working on my end, and urge you to contact someone with a whole lot more knowledge of these things than me :O

Luckily, it doesn't happen THAT often, and usually it's "just" a case of people not being logged in to their Google-account Wink

This thread now had it's 1 year birthday!

A year ago, we had no charts yet, and those that knew about the dominance-order (actually, many didn't know or didn't believe that was how things worked), we all had more or less correct notecards flying around in the community with some wild guesses and no real documentation.

I want to thank ALL the people who have contributed to the charts the past year - and that is a LOT! At one time, I did try to make a mention in the notes of the charts whenever someone proved something, but I had to give up on that... the list simply got too long and too messy :O
-But you all know who you are... So, thank you!
Each time someone makes the effort to create a notecard about some new proof and send it to me so the charts can get updated, it benefits the community. It has been a long time since I last heard of anyone deliberately keeping info to themselves, which was more the rule than the exception before! But now, we share our knowledge to benefit each other's breeding and help even new breeders to know what it's all about - and hence hopefully make KittyCatS-breeding more fun & rewarding for all :-)

Happy holidays to you all <3

*Group hug*
Sticky for Christmas?
Such a simple thing to have a moderator sticky this post too. 2 clicks and it's done.

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