KittyCatS! Manual

Fancie Cats and Jewels


• Jewels are a very rare surprise that can be given by cats when they breed.

• There are three types of Jewels - diamonds, rubies, and emeralds.

• Jewels are transferable! You can buy, sell, or trade them!

• We often give them as prizes during events, and you can earn them for breeding the KittyCat of the Month!



If your cat has a jewel in Second Life, it will appear hovering over the box as seen below: 



If a cat in the Online Cattery has a jewel, there will be an icon showing the type of jewel


(diamond, ruby, or emerald) next to the box under the Boxes tab in the Cattery.



You can store your jewels in a special box that is free at our shop. The box is 7 prims.

If you have an old jewel boxes a new box will be sent to you when you try to use it.

You can also get a new jewel box here: Fancie Jewel Box




• To add jewels, place the jewel within a 20 meter range, click box, press “Add Jewels”.

• To remove a jewel, click box, press “Take Out”.

• When you have enough jewels collected the "Get Fancie!" button will appear.

• Press the “Get Fancie!” button and Click the SLurl to TP to the Fancie Vendors.

• Click on the vendor for the set you would like your Fancie to come from and a RANDOM Fancie cat from that set will be sent to you.


NOTE: Each jewel has a unique ID# found on your account page.

Use that to file a ticket on our support site if you lose your jewel. 





• Fancie cats are specially designed cat with random Genesis traits under their special traits.

• Fancie Cats are ONLY available from turning in jewels.

• To get a Fancie Cat you must have either: 10 diamonds, 20 rubies or 30 emeralds.

• There are 2 Fancie Cats sets, you can pick which set and you will get 1 random Fancie cat from that set with your jewels.

• Fancies have the potential to pass their hidden traits like any other Genesis KittyCat.

• Fancies can carry new traits and furs that can only be discovered through breeding.

• Fancie Foxies are guaranteed to carry their shown whisker color as a hidden trait.

• All other Fancies are guaranteed to carry their shown eye color as a hidden trait.

• Fancies eye and the Fancie Foxies whiskers are exclusive to them and NOT hidden in normal Genesis cats.

• Fancie Cats will always give a jewel with each birth!

• You can see the available FancieCats here: KittyCatS FancieCats

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