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Full Version: New Eye FlowerChild Groovy
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Yay I think I was the first? Either way love the eye super pretty!

[Image: d4ec78a99ec2d05917b03c42656a9fbc.png]

[Image: 9b7e7fe8abfb9c1f7606904564b3535f.png]

[Image: f18cc5bf324819838d82976f8c6aa291.png]

[Image: 9317d37cedf2914765cf3501a0f27b1a.png]
Congrats, this is the first I'm seeing of this eye Smile
Can we see full pedigree to see what you pulled it with please
Wow congratulations Cloe! Amazing eyes ^.^
Congrats on discovering a new trait!
Congrats Cloe. Striking new eye.
Wow, that's different. I like it. Congrats!
Congratulations Cloe! Can't wait to see what great combinations you make with this new eye Smile
very cool eye! Cograts!
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