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Full Version: Swapping starter baby for starter baby
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[Image: aaebba54b5ca4d9826cf21e10de34a19.png]
My cats had their third baby, and he's remarkably average! Hooray.

From the first two babies I can glean that Beach Blue eyes, White whiskers, and American Shorthair - Red & White Tabby are somewhere in the parents' hidden traits. But that's all I know!

I'm looking to trade for a similar cat: the offspring of two starters. Gender and traits don't really matter to me. All I need is for it to still be in its box because I'm not ready to open another kitty. I'm just gonna hoard the box until I'm ready for it.
Still looking to swap this baby, and my cats have produced a few more too. If you have some useless kitties that would just get sent to the menagerie, consider trading (or selling if cheap) with me? I just want to collect a bigger gene pool to work with.
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