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Admin Update 4th March 2019
Ivy Norsk is now an admin on the charts

KittyCatS community!
Many breeders cooperate to determine the relations between KittyCatS' traits, which eyes, furs and other traits are dominant and recessive to each other, and to puzzle all this information together in dominance charts.

This collaborative work has evolved a lot since last summer. We share cats and findings, discuss and determine relations between traits both inworld and in the KittyCatS forums. More than anywhere else in the web forums, actually.

Traits are being placed very fast now, thanks to the community effort. It went so fast, that many of us kept our own charts on our own computers to keep track. Breeders who are known to work with dominance testing are likely to be approached by other breeders and auctioneers who need information about where certain traits are sitting, and also how to move on with their placement projects.

A couple of us decided to combine our charts and make them available to the community, as a supplement to the existing charts, to aid us all in our breeding, be it trait testing or other breeding styles. These combined charts became the Forum charts.

The Forum Charts document and the information in it is based on a transparent, collaborative vetting process, where many breeders analyze pedigrees and check facts before a set of data is accepted as a proof and posted in the charts.
This means that the Forum Charts are both vetted by and belong to the KittyCatS community. The information in them, and the proofs they are based on are free for everyone to see and use.

At this point, the charts are maintained by Arwen Swordthain and Reven Rosca, who also control the administrative account KittyCatsProofs Resident.
It has always been our intent to reveal who was editing the Forum Charts in order to keep the charts as open and transparent as we want the testing and vetting process to be. However we felt in the first instance the charts needed to establish themselves or not on their own merits and not because of any persons involved.

How and by whom the charts are maintained may change in the future, and such changes will be made public if and when they happen.

It is important for us to emphasize that the forum charts in no way should be seen as a replacement or competitor to the SAGA charts. They should be seen as supplements to each other, and both of us share the results of our tests with the SAGA team.

Last but not least: We would like to thank all breeders and testers who share the results of their breeding projects. Gathering information and compiling dominance charts would have been impossible without the continued support of the KittyCatS community!


These dominance charts are not intended to replace the SAGA Charts.

While they are based on the charts as we know them from the Saga project, these charts are regularly updated with proofs from the KittyCats Forums. The forums are monitored daily, and changes in the charts are made immediately when solid proofs are found.

Using the forums to post pedigrees and proofs publicly ensures transparency in the process of dominance testing and the maintenance of the charts. Errors are easily spotted during the testing process, since many breeders work collectively on each test.

Every trait in this document is linked to the corresponding forum thread as far as a thread is available. Please use these links to find out more about the traits, how their placement has been determined etc.

Do you want take part in the collective effort it is to determine the relation between KittyCats traits? Please join the discussion in the forums. You can find an index of threads per trait here

Feel free to open a new thread in the Breeding Forum if the trait you want to discuss isn't listed.
Recent updates:

Scottish Shorthair Brown & White placed between Abyssinian Fawn and Snowshoe Red 11/15/16
Burmilla Blue Shaded dominant to Austrailian Mist Blue marble 11/17/16

Tapestry Allure recessive to Gerbera Pink 11/17/16
Odyssey Adore recessive to Canary 11/17/16
Sparkle Dream recessive to Crystal Berry 11/17/16
Galaxy Nebula dominant to Fancie Indigo Diamond 11/14/16

Monochrome whiskers placed between Flame and Chocolate tipped 11/17/16
Update 11/18/16

Soul Sparkle is dominant to Jade
Update 11/19/16

Galaxy Comet is dominant to Odyssey Bellini
Update 11/22/16


Galaxy Orbit dominant to Onyx

New eye: Soul Whisper recessive to Exotic Journey
Update 11/22/16


Sparkle Dream dominant to Lemon
Update 11/23/16


New fur Foxie Chestnut
Recessive to Abyssinian Dark Chocolate and dominant to Burmilla Chocolate Silver Shaded
Update 11/23/16

Tapestry Reef placed between Starry Baby Blues and Odyssey Fire & Rain (Saga Charts)
Update 11/26/16


Cognac is dominant to Twilight
Update 11/28/16


Soul Whisper is PLACED recessive to Galaxy Star

Toyger - Tan is dominant to American Shorthair - Tawny Tabby
Update 11/28/16


Odyssey Galactic is dominant to Fancie Rose Diamond
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