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KittyCatSQuickStats v1.1 Released!
03-28-2011, 10:13 PM (This post was last modified: 05-01-2011 06:07 PM by Sturm Hellershanks.)
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KittyCatSQuickStats v1.1 Released!
Kassturm KittyCatSQuickStats v1.1
By Kassturm Homes & Skyboxes

New in v1.1
* New Kitten Box Alerts!
* Condensed Hunger Alerts
* Clickable SLURLs to your kitties via Alerts
* Various other fixes & improvements.

Kassturm KittyCatSQuickStatsv1.1 Manual in PDF!

Kassturm KittyCatSQuickStats is a flexible, dynamic stat monitor for KittyCatS breedable cats. Easily track your litter with ‘At-a-Glance’ statistics to make sure your litter is healthy and that their vital statistics are where they need to be!

~ Stat Tracker for KittyCatS breedable cats; can hold up to 150 kitties in memory.
~ Can track kitties *SIM-WIDE*
~ Instant Message Alerts for Hunger and New Kitten Box Alerts!
~ Kitty Locator (send a particle stream to find kitties)
~ At-a-glance output includes Name, Happiness, Energy, Love, Age, Hunger, and Gender.
~ Assign a friend/partner menu access.
~ Rez in-world or attach as a HUD (Copy Version Only).
~ FREE Updates. See 'Update Policy' section.

In-World Demo's & Purchase (Click The Demo's for a Manual)
* mySLPets (PG)
* Kass's Kink (Adult)
* Kassturm (Adult)

NEW SL Marketplace Viewing & Purchase
* COPY Version (incl. Standalone Version & HUD)
* NO COPY Version (No HUD Incl.)

COPY Version includes Standalone Version AND HUD
[Image: KQS_BoxAd_Copy_11.jpg]

NO COPY Standalone Version
[Image: KQS_BoxAd_NoCopy_11.jpg]
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05-01-2011, 06:08 PM
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RE: KittyCatSQuickStats v1.1 Released!
- Box Alerts! KittyCatSQuickStats can now IM you (and the owner, if different) when a new born kitten box is created. The alerts can be minimal, condensed or very detailed. See the manual for what each of these are.

Bug Fixes:
- Removed the 'Track Rate' option from the menu. It had no function.
- Fixed an issue that caused alerts not to make it to the monitor owner consistently.

- Condensed the Hunger alerts to be less wordy.
- Clickable SLURLs within the messages!
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