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Bluefish Bay School of KittyCats Auction!
03-25-2022, 08:35 PM
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Bluefish Bay School of KittyCats Auction!

The Bluefish Bay School of KittyCats!
The next Auction is March 26th at 12 pm - with Rayne Broome

9T M Cream & White No 2 with Plum Eyes
9T M Siamese Blue Tortie with Grey Matter Eyes
9T M Siamese Seal with Galaxy Star Eyes
8T M Gen Smokey V with Fancie Indigo Diamond Eyes
6T M Gen Mocha II with Soul Whisper Eyes
9T F foxie Salt & Pepper Mask with Odyssey Bellini Eyes
6T M Gen Patch II with Odyssey Bellini Eyes MEGA
4T F Non Identical Twins Balinese Seal Lynx and Bengal Snow
9T M Toffee Caramel with Royal Sapphire Eyes
9T M Toyger Snow with Fancie Cobalt Diamond Eyes
9T M Siamese Flame with Fire Eyes
7T F Tonkinese Blue Mink with Dreamy Oasis Eyes
6T F Chimera Washed Tortie with Gen Bronze Eyes

For more detailed information about our lineup, you can check out our Togon's or Cat Mats pages!

Rayne Broome
Manager, Teacher, and Auctioneer at Bluefish Bay!
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