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Collection Kitties
12-01-2021, 05:28 PM
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Collection Kitties
Digging out old collections Ive had sitting around in my cattery, send a message on here or IM in world (if you message on here, make sure you can actually receive messages. I've had people message me and when I go to reply it tells me that person has messages disabled). Discounts on sets/bulk purchases

Ice Baby - Canary Cloud
Ice Baby - Pink Chill

Baroque Baby - Black - Collabor88 Anniversary
Baroque Baby - White - Collabor88 Anniversary

Bold Love - L
Bold Love - O
Bold Love - V
Bold Love - E
Bold Love - LOVE!

CookieCat - Tasty
CookieCat - Yummy
CookieCat - Scrumptious
CookieCat - Messy

HeLL-O-Kitteh! - Abyssmal
HeLL-O-Kitteh! - Hawt Stuff
HeLL-O-Kitteh! - Pandemonium
HeLL-O-Kitteh! - Phantasmagoria
HeLL-O-Kitteh! - PURRnicious Heart
HeLL-O-Kitteh! - Pyromaniac
HeLL-O-Kitteh! - Heartless

New Year Peace - Sun
New Year Peace - Water

Lucky Leopard -

cRaZy lOVe - Tender & True
cRaZy lOVe - Delirious
cRaZy lOVe - Hot For You
cRaZy lOVe - Overtaken
cRaZy lOVe - Dressed To Kill

Purr BallS! - Bluetiful
Purr BallS! - Garnet Grace
Purr BallS! - Green Glory
Purr BallS! - Heavenly Hue
Purr BallS! - Ornamental Orange
Purr BallS! - Purple Parade
Purr BallS! - Silent Night

RFL - A Journey of Promise - Tin Man
RFL - Century Of Hope - Lad
RFL - Century Of Hope - Lady
RFL - TIME FOR A CHANGE - SteamPunk Golden
RFL - TIME FOR A CHANGE - SteamPunk Goldie
RFL - TIME FOR A CHANGE - SteamPunk Nickel
RFL - TIME FOR A CHANGE - SteamPunk Nicki

RomantiCatS! - Dainty Damsel
RomantiCatS! - Fair Lady
RomantiCatS! - Good Knight
RomantiCatS! - Knight Fall
RomantiCatS! - Knight Hood
RomantiCatS! - Knight Time
RomantiCatS! - Lovely Lass
RomantiCatS! - Lyrical Lassie
RomantiCatS! - Mid Knight
RomantiCatS! - Modest Maiden
RomantiCatS! - Precious Peasant
RomantiCatS! - White Knight

Silly SpOOkS! - HaPPy
Silly SpOOkS! - NoBody
Silly SpOOkS! - PePPy
Silly SpOOkS! - Scorned
Silly SpOOkS! - Sneaky
Silly SpOOkS! - TriPPy

SnowStorm - Blanket
SnowStorm - Blizzard
SnowStorm - Flurry
SnowStorm - Tempest

SuperCatS! - Captain Invincible
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