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FUZZBUTT! 2600 days old!
03-08-2021, 10:57 AM
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Smile FUZZBUTT! 2600 days old!
'FUZZBUTT' Fardoragh
My buddy in Second Life for 2600 days now!

[Image: 51005887953_37fa931b30_b.jpg]

I know I don't give the forum the attention it really does deserve, but I felt 2600 days sounded like a nice, round, significant number, sooooo...

Ol' Fuzzbutt, known by many, many peopl in Second Life, through his active part in the annual Second Life Lovecraft Festivals, seen here at the Fuzzbutt Gacha Shack that he presids over:

[Image: 36343124072_0ef7461fe3_b.jpg]

Calling the legendary region of Innsmouth his home, seen here as he is trying out for size the newly received "Throne of Cthulhu":

[Image: 50896527401_abe87eb5ca_b.jpg]

Oh... did I mention, Fuzzbutt was officially recognized by Kitten Longmeadow as an Elder God? (Hence his tendency to feel he deserves that throne) Per the trophy he keeps at his office:

[Image: 49345580916_b1966bda5f_b.jpg]

...Fuzz has his annual commitment to being part of the truly wonderful Dickens Christmas Project every December, with his own house next to "The Beedle":

[Image: 50674270482_32cacc3cd1_b.jpg]

Ol' Fuzz is a very, very active pixelpuss, with a fine number of fans, even to the level that Eleanor Alias maintains the C.C.L. Fuzzbutt Tribute KittyCatS Store at LoveFest every year, as well as a year-round store found at Innsmouth!

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03-08-2021, 05:31 PM
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RE: FUZZBUTT! 2600 days old!
Happy Birthday Fuzzbutt! Thank you for sharing your story and beautiful picss! I miss those. Ppl used to post here all the time.
I hope Fuzzbutt had a wonderful Birthday!

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