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♥KC 9th Birthday MEGAPUSS, Confettis, Leprekitties & MORE!!♥
04-05-2021, 12:00 PM
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RE: ♥KC 9th Birthday MEGAPUSS, Confettis, Leprekitties & MORE!!♥
hey everyone, please follow our guidelines and please contact someone privately if you have an issue with them. our forum has the same guidelines as our chat where we ask if you have an issue with someone to go to them privately.

comments that do not follow this will be deleted.

thank you in advance for understanding.
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04-05-2021, 02:56 PM (This post was last modified: 04-05-2021 02:59 PM by Callie Cline.)
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RE: ♥KC 9th Birthday MEGAPUSS, Confettis, Leprekitties & MORE!!♥
In full disclosure, i removed 2 more posts, which were not along our guidelines but one brought up something that seems to be part of the issue. so allow me to clarify something.

there are many ways that people buy and sell. in Real life retail shops buy at wholesale, mark up from 50-20% and then sell to the rest of us. on ebay people often look for "deals" to then turn around and sell in a physical shop or even their own ebay shop for more.

the collectible market is unique (in and out of SL) as people often look for limited items for a low price or see them for a low price and know they can sell them for more. these people often called "deal hunters" or even "flippers" (in and out of SL) will have a business where they can get a higher amount for a deal they found. it's done all the time. and it's not illegal.

a prime example is an auction house where a seller will bring a highly sought after item maybe they picked up for a few thousand dollars and it could sell for hundreds of thousands. this happens with all kinds of items from baseball cards to paintings to pipes, glasses, statues, sunglasses, jewelry, and really ANYTHING!!! collectors are a unique bunch and many simply do not have time to put all the work in a "hunter" does to find those rare or collectible things they want and will gladly pay more because it took them zero time.

in smaller communities, some can frown upon this and others are happy that option is there for them. second life and KittyCatS is no different.

we also have a world wide community where people engage in various selling practices and bartering is involved and more.

so i want to just chime in as it seems an issue with this is that a cat was bought for potentially much less than a seller then put it for sale for. this would be an example of "flipping" or also simply "pricing at retail."

we have to remember that again, retail sales are always higher, collectibles almost always involve hunters or flippers as LUCK is involved in many collectibles. (like trading cards where rares are randomly thrown in and someone gets lucky!) what we don't know or see is all the time or money a lucky person may have spent that they didn't find a "deal" or get a rare card... (staying in a trading card analogy)

all that to say, let's as a community be respectful of the many ways people buy and sell in Second life. with the gatcha trend too, more than ever there are those who either get lucky or buy low to fill their shops with rare items that people who don't have the time to hunt are thankful for. it

and some may not like that someone gets a cat maybe even from our vendor that's a rare and resells it for more, but it's not wrong or illegal and some are quite happy to buy for a higher price than "try their luck" at a vendor.

an example is me, who works so much i can't go to events and find items so i'm thankful people resell items or rares and if i like it, i don't mind paying a high price as it saved me a LOT of time, and probably a lot of lindens!! lol.

anyway, hope this all makes sense. you are all a caring and kind community and bumps happen. let's all respect that there are sellers who sell in many ways and the great news is if we don't like how they do it, just like a store in RL, we can shop elsewhere.


callie for the KittyCatS team.
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