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The Darkling Cattery Store now has Grave Beds
12-07-2020, 06:18 PM
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The Darkling Cattery Store now has Grave Beds
The ones on the floor are Yes Mod, No Copy, Yes Trans and are priced slightly less than the ones in the vendors which are Yes Mod, Yes Copy, No Trans.

Along with the cat pavilion for Teacups and Toys (vendor and MP Only), these beds would be suitable for those who keep Vampies in particular.

Darkling Cattery Store One (Polina Darkling)

The first bed is the Twin Grave Bed for breeding pairs:


[Image: Darkling%20Cattery%20Twin%20Grave%20Bed%...1606992232]

The second bed is the Square Single Grave Bed:


[Image: .Single%20Square%20Grave%20Bed%20Ad.jpg?1607385080]

The third bed is the Single Casket Bed:


[Image: Casket%20Bed%20Advert%20Ad.jpg?1607384882]

All three come packed in a convenient single button HUD unpacker, and can be gifted through MP and Caspervend.

While I am mentioning cat products, the Fantasy Persian Cat Pavilion for Teacups and Toys is rather nice:


[Image: Cat%20Pav%20Caspervend%20Ad.jpg?1585588892]

The Pavilion is perfect for outside as a place your little ones can shelter without fear of being trodden upon.

This comes bagged with a rather amusing bag holding animation...

Well, that's what I have been creating these past few days. I do hope you enjoy them...

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