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KittyCatS Fall Collection 2020 vOOdOO caTs!
10-17-2020, 07:14 PM
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KittyCatS Fall Collection 2020 vOOdOO caTs!

Presenting vOOdOO caTs! from the
2020 Scary Collection by KittyCatS!


KittyCatS is proud to present from our 2020 Scary Collection - vOOdOO caTs!

Have your cats been acting weird or strange? Do they wander aimlessly about at times bumping into things, asking you to take them shopping? Do they appear to be under the control of some strange unseen forces? Well, we might have found out why....

While cleaning up all the cat toys we came across the strangest of things....lots of yarn, pins, and doll parts! It appears that the KittyCatS have been playing "VooDoo" and we're not sure exactly what they "can doo" but they sure look darn cute this way! They are just too strangely cute to keep all to ourselves, plus they told us "take us to our leaders!" (we think that means YOU)

These cute little vOOdOO Kitties come complete with a closet full of pins to choose from and buttons for eyes. Our kitties notified us that no KittyCatS were harmed in the making of these dolls, and that perhaps with the right combo of pins the dolls can help sway your other kitties into doing what you want!

Like all of our Fall Collection KittyCatS, these adorable vOOdOO caTs! come with a special interaction in their menu to allow you to fly through the sky on a magical broom with your KittyCat!

Your KittyCatS Team

[Image: KittyCatS-vOOdOO-caTs.jpg]


KittyCatS - vOOdOO caTs! Facts!


= are the KittyCatS vOOdOO caTs! cats transferable? - yes, after you rez them!
= do they come with food? yes! they come with one week food, one 5% love vitamin, one love drop. and one portable food (these items are not transferable)
= can I buy more than one? - yes!
= can I sell or trade them? - yes!
= do they pass on their coats/eyes/tails/ears? -the vOOdOO caTs! are a specially designed collectible cat with random Genesis KittyCat traits which have the potential to pass their hidden traits like any other Genesis KittyCat. They can carry the genes of the new traits and furs that can only be discovered through breeding.
= can they breed something special? – yes! If you breed 2 vOOdOO caTs! kitties they will give you a really lovely special baby you will NOT want to miss!


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©2020 KittyCatS! all rights reserved. All names, titles, and text © KittyCatS! and may not be used without permission.

“What greater gift than the love of a cat.”
― Charles Dickens
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