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Fuzzbutt goes DieselPunk!
06-26-2020, 08:01 AM (This post was last modified: 06-26-2020 08:15 AM by ArikTheRed Resident.)
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Fuzzbutt goes DieselPunk!
The Incorrigible One, the Elder Fuzz... Fuzzbutt of Innsmouth!

Well, he's getting his paws into new things, going into the world of DieselPunk! As a KittyCrew member of the U-29 of the Kaiserliche Marine Unterseebootcorp (Imperial German Navy U-Boat Corps), Fuzz is getting to know Cassandra City! KittyChief "Fuzzbutt" Fardoragh tends to naval duties side by side with Arik Metzger as Oberbootsmannsmaat (Chief Petty Officer).

[Image: 50046582213_8ae62210a8_b.jpg]

Flitting about town with Arik, seeing the sights in a little flying truck:

[Image: 50042983957_2394b01821_b.jpg]

Getting to know Dex, one of the locals:

[Image: 50045063462_9e72384499_b.jpg]

And, what is this monstrous flying contraption? Well, Fuzz wants an Aviator Cap and Goggles now! In fact, he seriously thinks KittyCatS should consider creating these!

[Image: 50042490491_2d3f1ffc13_b.jpg]
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