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UKF Patron Auctions
05-19-2020, 04:39 AM (This post was last modified: 05-20-2020 05:40 AM by Coverboytoy Resident.)
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UKF Patron Auctions
[Image: ece2dd3cb0539851dd3b10b4d38a9afb.jpg]

What is a patron auction?

A patron auction is similar like any other auction, but the only difference is that your cats are only being showcased during the duration of the auction.

If you are interested in participating in UKF Patron Auction, please contact Unicorn Blackburn, Michelle Woodget (michelle011997) or ςoνєгßⓄץ кєレレץ™ (coverboytoy).

We have 2 slots available for our next Patron Auctions:

Sunday 07/05/2020 12pm - 2pm SLT Auctioneer - TBA
Sunday 08/02/2020 12pm - 2pm SLT Auctioneer - TBA

UKF will do all the advertising and pictures to promote your cats, and we will ensure you have an auctioneer to help you with the process.

Here is the stage that we will use:


Rules: Since these cats are from your cattery, we will not enforce the breeding rules on owning the parent or grandparents. We will sale what you want to sell from your cattery.

ςoνєгßⓄץ кєレレץ™ (coverboytoy)
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