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Come take a look at our Kittycats market down by the Sea!
11-18-2019, 10:09 PM (This post was last modified: 11-20-2019 12:11 PM by Rayne Broome.)
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Come take a look at our Kittycats market down by the Sea!
Welcome to Bluefish Bay, a growing Kittycats Community down by the sea.

Our friendly staff who have many years of experience with KittyCats are here to help you with your questions.

We offer Spacious Houseboats with 100 Prims for 100L per week.
If you need a little less or a little more, we are more than happy to get that right fit for you at the same price
of 1L per prim

Currently we have 3 auctions in our community, to drive traffic to your shop and plans for two more to start after the new year!

Come on down and pick out your shop today while they still last.

[Image: 49087479371_e799023eff_o.png]

Rayne Broome
KittyCatS! Addict! ~ Kitty Breeding Teacher
Manager and Auctioneer at Bluefish Bay!
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