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Still no way to turn off Cattery notifications???
01-08-2019, 07:11 PM
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Thumbs Down Still no way to turn off Cattery notifications???
So here we are in 2019 and STILL dealing with the "your cattery is out of food" message? Seriously? The only way to not see the message, which spams you at least 5 times a day, is to turn off the "view offline IMs" which would mean all of my offline IMs would be turned off and some of these I actually need to see. I only use my cattery for boxes and aged out kittens that can't be/haven't been perma petted yet. I'm not about to stuff them all in my inventory and run the risk of SL eating them and a good chunk of them can't be transferred to an alt b/c they are LEs that are no trans. It really shouldn't be that hard to create a "turn off notification" option. A lot of us have been asking about this "feature"/issue since 2013 and KC has come up with some amazing features and interactions in those 6 years so why has this particular feature/issue been ignored? Angry

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01-09-2019, 08:35 PM
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RE: Still no way to turn off Cattery notifications???
Hi Tatiana Smile

We appreciate your feedback! I will make sure our development team is aware of your post. Smile

The Cattery should only send a notification once every 12 hours (and only if there are live cats in the Cattery.) If it seems like the notifications are building up, there's a few things people can do. Storing cats in an alt's Cattery under a different email might be helpful. Setting a filter on email to automatically archive/delete Cattery messages could also help.

I realize this may not be an ideal solution to this issue. It may be that implementing a feature like this isn't as easy as one might think, But it's certainly something we can look into going forward! Smile

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