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KC vignettes on the Winter Xmas sim
01-02-2019, 02:20 AM (This post was last modified: 01-02-2019 02:21 AM by Kayla Woodrunner.)
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KC vignettes on the Winter Xmas sim
as the exhibit space is going to close soon, here are some of the kc vignettes around the sim. Winter will be posting the exhibit pics by the different contestants soon.

[Image: c545532e4cd6aae9e5228f4b54ae98af.jpg]

[Image: c0f28cf634f4c83f3d6dbb84219e3432.gif]

[Image: a610c935cb1c5c910deb56ac3e1adb3b.jpg]

[Image: c8af07ab20a14b8125d5430b9afc1155.gif]

[Image: 993f61268bcd6077cfd8264c612ccfa9.jpg]

[Image: d497dc0e8aeadee8f2e7618970a09ca4.jpg]

[Image: 66d78c45c029a300e7e7e623c54bdf61.jpg]

[Image: c475f6db59b158721e8293bb8a56e685.jpg]

[Image: 7414bb6975a2537d566e7fe8ccf71e52.jpg]


[Image: 2b743515c9f723292a9721088ed81290.jpg]

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