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KittyCatS! Update 1.56
10-04-2016, 01:25 AM (This post was last modified: 10-04-2016 02:53 AM by Kitten Longmeadow.)
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Exclamation KittyCatS! Update 1.56

We will have an updater available at the store to pick up. The New version of food, vitamins, the HUD, and new feeder will not work unless your cats are updated.

KittyCatS! Update 1.56

Hello KittyCatS! Community!

We're thrilled to present this update to you all! We've been working on it for quite some time and it contains several fun features as well as things to help make your KittyCatS! experience more enjoyable all around!

We love this community and want to take the time to thank you for all you contribute in making KittyCatS! so special.

This update is full of stuff that we're so excited to tell you about! From things involving flying, MegaPusses, jumping, and new food!

Ok now, on to the update!

NOTE: If this is your first time doing an update with KittyCatS! the process is very simple. Yes, you heard right, VERY simple. (At the bottom of this note are the simple steps on how to update) Also, you can watch our update tutorial online at https://youtu.be/NOkCvWj13ww



KittyCatS! proudly presents - KittyCatS! Avatars - Be YOUR cat!! (a new interaction)

From Humans, Tinies, Furries, Fairies, Robots, Aliens, Dragons and more, there has always been one thing missing! With all the choices for your SL avatar, you couldn't be your favorite KittyCat... until now!

We are happy to introduce KittyCatS! Avatars, a new fun option in the interaction menu of your cat. Just click the "CatAvatar" button, follow the instructions, and see your avatar turn into your cat! You can walk around as your favorite kitty and even RIDE a MegaPuss when you are a "Catatar!"

When you fly as a Cat avatar, you will get a cute little hover board to fly and zoom around the skies on! And, if you click it, you can pick your design!

A little warning: As with any complete avatar, the KittyCatS! Avatar will replace your entire appearance, so be sure to make a back up of your current outfit!

[Image: catavatar-notecard-300x225.jpg]

[Image: catavatar-fly-notecard-300x300.jpg]

KittyCatS! proudly presents - KittyCatS! Jump & Play - Because your SL cats want to act just like RL cats!!!

Today we are releasing building sets for purchase which allow you to "choose" places for your cats to jump up on! In and around your house, yard, store & sim, anywhere you want! This new feature really lets cats take the "run of the house" and is a lot of fun to watch them interact with their surroundings this way!

The building sets contain special (modifiable) KittyCatS! interactive prims which can be placed around any existing items and made fully transparent when done. They aren't even scripted so they are NO lag! Imagine your kitties being able to jump on furniture, counter tops, shelves, walls, rocks, cars, or anything you can imagine your cat jumping on!

Once you have set up the places, your cat jumps on and off your things! And don't worry, it's 100% safe... No KittyCatS! will be harmed. Remember, cats always end up on their feet!

There are some limits regarding minimum surface and maximum jump heights and other setup guidelines. Read all about it in our separate Furniture kit setup manual: https://kittycats.ws/manual/article.php?id=63

[Image: jumpnplay-300x300.png]

KittyCatS! proudly presents - More Megapuss Petting! - Pet your MegaPuss when it is awake!

Yes, that's right! You can now pet your Megas when they are awake!
Switching between riding & petting is easy as 1, 2, 3.
Just click your cat anytime and choose ride or one of the petting options! So much fun!

KittyCatS! proudly presents - The KittyCatS! Experience - Click less, enjoy more!

You can now set the KittyCatS! experience on parcels you manage to avoid having to allow every cat, toy, ball or feather to ask permission to attach to you separately.

Once set for your parcel, you will be asked permission for all your cats and their items at once, and will no longer need to bother with permission dialogs anywhere the KittyCatS! experience is enabled.
Interested? Just follow these steps in our manual: https://kittycats.ws/manual/article.php?id=64

KittyCatS! proudly presents - The Cattery! - Wait... We released that a few years ago, didn't we?

Yes, we did... But as of today, there is more!

The Cattery can now also manage in-world cats & boxes, with its full functionality set for every sim where you have a KittyCatS! Dock rezzed. Just select the desired location in the new location drop down menu and give your SL cats vitamins, wake them up, partner or break them up and unpack your in-world boxes! Do it all without being logged in to SL.

PermaPet™ bottles are now also available via the cattery!

And there's more! A new option allows retrieving boxes instantly in SL as an image.

Another improvement is you now can use Linden Dollars to pay for Cattery items or add Kitty Dollars to your account through our website Transaction page. ( https://kittycats.ws/transactions.php )
The only thing needed is an in-world KittyCatS! Dock which has rights granted to take Linden Dollars.
If you run out of both Kitty Dollars and Lindens, you can add Lindens through the regular SL website, and use them in the cattery!

KittyCatS! proudly presents - The KittyCatS! HUB

The KittyCatS! HUB allows you to relocate your cats and boxes to and from the Cattery, Menagerie,
or any SIM where you have a KittyCatS! Dock rezzed without being logged into SL.

Do you ever...

• Forget to send your cat to the Cattery last time you logged out of SL?
• Want to retrieve a cat from the Menagerie and send it to the cattery, or even an in-world location, without being in SL?
• Need to send a lot of cats or boxes to the Menagerie or Cattery at one time and SEE which cats without clicking through all their menus?

No problem, use the HUB!

As a bonus, the ability to retrieve cats and boxes from other places was also added to the retrieval page for docks. A dock can now also retrieve cats from the Menagerie as well as any other sim with a dock. Yes, you now have the ability to transfer cats from one SIM to an other without the need to use SL's inventory!

Other Additions & Changes

* Home Rotation:
The home rotation of a cat is no longer restored when set to pose. This allows you to rotate your cats anyway you like when making custom setups!

* Partnered Cats:
Partnered cats will now breed regardless of their range and home position, as long as they are on the same sim.
This way, if you use the new cattery functions for breeding, you can make certain they will breed without knowing their actual location.

* Break Up/ Break Free Bottles:
Break Free bottles now break up any partnership!
Break up bottles are discontinued... Yes, that's right, breaking a partnership is now free!

* Food & Milk bowls:
New bowls with a land impact of 1 prim and an updated look!
The bowls (and vitamins too) are unbreakable now! No more accidentally unpacking them to inventory!

* Enhanced Path finding:
We've added a few more improvements to your cat's path-finding abilities! Your KittyCatS will now also jump off (but not on) small heights and there are also some adjustments for cats who like to jump out of skyboxes as well. While not perfect, it's better than it was for sure!

Additionally version 1.56 includes several more small changes and fixes. Some of these have been present, tested and fine tuned in earlier versions.


And last but not least...:

For KittyCatS! HUD 2.x users - KittyCatS! HUD 2.02

Your HUD has a new drop down menu similar to the expanded Cattery. It now allows you to display cats from either the current sim, The Cattery, or any other sim with a KittyCatS! Dock.

Options to see information or teleport cats & boxes from The Cattery and other sims is available as well! - Yes, Grid Wide Cat & Box teleporting straight from your HUD!

For Auto-Feeder Owners: The KittyCatS! MeowMat ... a Full replacement for your feeder!

The MeowMat™ is a new and improved Food Server for your cats!

Fast Facts:
• Features an option to deliver food directly to your Mat Supply from the store vendors. No need to accept, rez, unpack & add your food manually!
• Features a central storage system for your food. There is no In-World Server. All you need is a MeowMat™ at every location, which will connect to the central storage.
• Always uses just 1 prim, Including the prim count for food & milk bowls!
• The MeowMat is not compatible with food bowls purchased before this update. New food bowls are compatible however with the old Auto Feeder.

[Image: KittyCatS-MeowMat-Food-Milk-Server-Packing2-300x300.jpg]


In the coming 24 hours your cats will start to show an "UPDATE ME" tag. (or you can pick up one at our store near the food and in the entrance.

As soon as they do, the GET UPDATE button will be available in your cats menu to obtain an updater.
As of that point, you have 3 weeks to update your cats.
Make sure you have at least 30 prims available when you run the updater.

NOTE: Firestorm cats can not be updated. They were free collectible PermaPetS™ which will keep their release version through all their 9 lives.
NOTE 2: Cats in the KittyCatS! Online Cattery don't need to be updated. You will receive an updated dock at some point which brings all your cats out at the latest version.

EASY AS 1,2,3 updating steps:

1. Click the "UPDATE" button in the menu of your cat and it will give you an updater.
2. Rez the Updater
3. Click the "can of Update" and watch it as it updates all your cats and boxes! The updater will give KittyCatS! HUD owners a new HUD package as well.

No need to move cats, re rez them, group them, travel to sandboxes, pull your hair, or anything! It's REALLY that easy. Smile yay!
All settings for your cat will be kept, including the group. HOWEVER, IF YOU HAD A CAT OR BOX FOR SALE, YOU WILL HAVE TO PUT THEM FOR SALE AGAIN...! This is an SL limitation.

©2016 KittyCatS!. All rights reserved. All information and graphics contained in this notecard is © KittyCatS! and may not be used without permission.

There's a sucker born every minute, and the stray cats know where we all live!
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10-04-2016, 04:38 AM
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RE: KittyCatS! Update 1.56
Oh my goodness, this is AMAZING! Thank you!!

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 Thanks given by: DejaVu4ever Resident
10-04-2016, 05:51 AM
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RE: KittyCatS! Update 1.56
WOW !!!! These changes are absolutely revolutionary. They will transform the way we deal with our cats! This is huge! Mega-grats!

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 Thanks given by: DejaVu4ever Resident
10-04-2016, 06:56 AM
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RE: KittyCatS! Update 1.56
So many amazing features in one update. Thank you!

Best wishes from my cats to yours,
Cygnoir Blanc of Tortitude Cattery
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 Thanks given by: DejaVu4ever Resident
10-04-2016, 07:19 AM
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RE: KittyCatS! Update 1.56
I am speechless! This is the most amazing update ever! Thank you so much!!!!

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10-04-2016, 07:50 AM
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RE: KittyCatS! Update 1.56

Will all portable food expire by December 31 ?

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10-04-2016, 09:26 AM
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RE: KittyCatS! Update 1.56
"Everybody... Everybody... Everybody wants to be a cat!"

...and Callie's removed that "want" factor... seems almost sacrilegious...
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 Thanks given by: Ellen Ireland , DejaVu4ever Resident
10-04-2016, 10:13 AM
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RE: KittyCatS! Update 1.56
(10-04-2016 07:50 AM)Ellen Ireland Wrote:  Question:

Will all portable food expire by December 31 ?

Hi Ellen,

Yes it will. if there would be a problem for you after this point, we can look into that.

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10-04-2016, 11:57 AM (This post was last modified: 10-04-2016 12:09 PM by Merriwether Magic.)
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RE: KittyCatS! Update 1.56
Ok I put out the milk and food mat, then went and bought food and milk...and nothing happened. It all went into my inventory as a box of kibble and a container of milk. I waited. So when nothing happened, I unpacked my kibble and milk into my inventory. But when I tried to manually load my food and milk into the mat...I can't.

Now I'm stuck with no food and milk unless I put them out manually. Please assist.

As to the other features, they are awesome Smile But I don't know what to do about a mat I can't use, because it didn't work, and a mess of food in inventory that I must put out one item at a time. Sad


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10-04-2016, 12:38 PM
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RE: KittyCatS! Update 1.56
Manual ( https://kittycats.ws/manual/article.php?id=59&oid=37 ) reads : "You can still send food and milk to your supply later by clicking the bowl and selecting "To Supply" on the menu."

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