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My new Kawaii kittens
08-13-2016, 03:42 AM
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Wink My new Kawaii kittens
So me and my lady have mega cat lil jenny who been the cat that always like to wounder out her range. We have been told that is normal how ever we been told only owner can tp her but we both have experience her tp out her range as well jump the new fence we have for her to keep her in her range.

So now I have Rose an Ross my Kawaii kittens. I decided to put them in are bedroom in the house when i unpacked them because we keep all the mega cats out side in the yard. Which now we have a total of 9 megas.

After unpacking the new bundle of joy I set their range to 5 meters it perfectly fit the area of the bedroom and set their home in the middle of the bedroom. Everything seem fine. I log in one day come to the bedroom to hold them and found only Ross the male kitty in the bed room. I panic so I look ever were for Rose she was down stairs under the couch in the living room.

I felt this was odd but i pick her up an rez her back in the bed room reset home an range again. Held them for about five hours an log out. Day two the next day after walking the megas an playing ball with them out in the yard. I went to spend time with my Kawaii kitties. Rose was missing again so i had feeling to look down stairs under the couch. Yep there she was hidding under the couch again way out her range.

Now I do not have my cats on follow and i know i been told they can still wounder out there range. She have done this three times the third time she disapeared had to have her resent to me. But it seems we keep getting kitties that seem to break the rules of how they are program they seem to go were they want lol like a real cat.

So now we have lil jenny an rose that like to wounder off in the sims and do their own thing i think its kinda neat but scary at the same time because they have higher chance of getting lost.

Whats your thoughts about why they wounder off I know we been told that its normal an that there no way that jenny can tp her self but we have experience more then once lil jenny tp out of her range or tp to me when im on the other side of the sim out of her range. I been told it could be the follow feature but lil jenny not own by me she own by my lady and her follow is not on.

And now we have Rose who seems to have the same personality as lil jenny.

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