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New Tranquility Eyes! Post your evidence here!
04-05-2015, 08:45 AM
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RE: New Tranquility Eyes! [and posting on forum thoughts]
This isn't about Tranquility eyes (except that I want them LOL), but in response to earlier posts about the usefulness of both the Saga Charts and the online forum threads: I think both the Saga Charts and the online threads are extremely useful and I look at both daily. When the Charts were started there weren't as many traits... Now over 100 furs including the genesis versions, 100+ eyes, 50ish traits (I just did a quick eyeballing of charts), then think of the volume of KittyCats breeders and the number of notecards the Saga Chart keepers must receive! I think I've sent in a few "proofs" that were not really conclusive, and I've been doing this for over 3 years, so they must have to wade through a mountain of "not quite for sure" pedigrees to find the solid proofs. And every time there is a new trait discovered, trying to place it exactly between the ever growing number of existing traits..it's a huge effort and much thanks to Wendi and Charles for volunteering!

What I like about Fabao's threads on the forum for brand new traits, is being able to see how other breeders are digging out the new stuff! Really helpful when you get a new trait from a starter and want to pick a good mate for the next breeds...and I like being able to post pedigrees and get feedback that same day from other breeders on what they think, it's very collaborative. It's also fun to see how other people breed and is a great learning tool. Thank you Fabao for pioneering this pedigree forum posting concept, and thanks to all who have helped contribute to this effort by posting their pedigrees online too!

I am thankful to be part of this KittyCats community with so many kind and helpful people, Happy Easter everyone Smile

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