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KittyCatS! Educational Website
01-14-2015, 11:27 AM
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KittyCatS! Educational Website
Someone came to me that they heard a rumor that I was going to start up classes again. Well the rumor is true, however I'm working on so much more to get the information to everyone that I have a few things going on.

First thing it's true I will start doing KittyCatS! Classes more on a mentor spectrum as to putting out signs and online board to accommodate those that want to learn but can't make it to a class environment. I would like it to be more like a group session than a class. That way you can see my schedule and sign up at various locations or send me an IM on when you would like to set aside some time to learn. So if I have 1 or 10 it's better organized to your needs. I'll add the locations where you can sign up and pick up a KittyCatS! for the Curious book as well.

Second thing is I have revamped the class website and currently setting it up to show the information for one or all. If you would like to sign up for quizzes and courses it would allow you to register for them. Including a certificate and in-world award showing your completion. This way you can pick and choose online courses that you want to focus on. You can get a brief preview for the website here:
TKP-The Kitty Pages
Opening should be by this weekend for those.

Lastly and I'll post more information as it really is for another section. I'm setting up a breeders corner with one of the things is to share information to add to the learning and education of that we find out everyday with traits and what is new. KittyCatS! Addicts is great for seeing a lot of this information but we'd be spammed to death if every breeder posted every little detail.

******* You input and help is appreciated *********
I know there are others doing classes and I think it's great they are sharing with the community. I also know everyone has a different way and ability to learn new things and there is a lot to learn. So this is something I want to see as a collaborated effort on the communities part. If you would like to join, utilize the materials, or even contribute please let me know. I appreciate any and all help with making our family of KittyCatS! lovers better.

Hugs and Thanks,
TKP-The Kitty Pages

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